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6 Reasons For You To Never Tie Out Your Dog


So,  you run inside Starbucks to grab a coffee or the convenience store to make a fast purchase – you want to take a walk with your dog and leave the pup tied up outside.

Here are six reasons why you never ever tie out your dog outside:

Here are some facts –

– Most dogs are not happy being tied outside. Some dogs do learn to deal with it, most pace, bark or whine because they are stressed out. Is it really worth stressing out your dog?

– Sometimes dogs do get loose. And while some of those dogs don’t then go anywhere, except to wait for their person, others run off.

– While most dogs don’t get stolen, it does happen. A percent of those dogs are resold on places like Craig’s list or held for ransom (random person contacts you, says “I found your dog, please pay up”).  Or worse, must worse, imagine your dog used as bait for dogs trained to fight.

– Dogs aren’t physically equipped to keep cool. We perspire and dogs pant, and panting isn’t all that efficient. And many dogs wear their own winter coats in summer. It’s possible to suffer heat stroke. Even if the dog doesn’t get sick, the dog is likely to be uncomfortable if sitting in the sun.

– Sometimes you can keep an eye on your dog from inside, but even if you don’t for an instant – anything can happen. Another dog could attack your dog, or when stressed out your dog might even uncharacteristically snap and bite someone (maybe who teased your dog). if that occurs, there could be legal action taken against you.

– In some places (including Chicago), it’s actually against the law to leave dogs tied outside. Police hardly ever ticket dog owners (and may not even known about the law). Still, what if is you ticketed?

My advice. Bring your spouse or a friend, one person goes inside to grab the coffee and the other stays outside with the dog. Or don’t bring your dog much as I ‘get’ the need to. Just don’t do it.

Bill Mayeroff in his ChicagoNow blog Pints and Pups says,  “If you can’t keep your dog safe and comfortable when you take him/her out with you, leave the dog home.” I agree. Bill’s blog offers an anecdote of what can happen.


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