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Q: Our dog was skunked. It was the worst. If it happens again, we want to be better prepared with a product to remove the stink. We followed some suggestions from the Internet, but that didn’t work. Do you have any thoughts about what to do should it happen again?  S. H., Appleton, WI

Prevention is always best – when there are skunks around (and you may know that by using your noses), keep your dog on-leash, especially at night since skunks are mostly nocturnal.

Old-fashioned techniques may have some merit but you work a lot harder and get less

Old-fashioned techniques may have some merit but you work a lot harder and get less

Perhaps among those Internet recipes you saw mine, which was the best we knew when I conceived it about 20 years ago:

  • First, get a clothespin – that’s for your nose.
  • Wipe your pet down with a solution of one-quart hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup sodium bicarbonate and one-teaspoon liquid dish soap.
  • Dunk your stinkin’ pet into a bath of two parts tomato juice and one part lukewarm water.

Today, you can do better by purchasing one of an array of manufactured products specifically made to shampoo skunked dogs.

Fresh wave pet shampoo

Fresh wave pet shampoo

For my money, your best bet is Fresh Wave pet shampoo (, and at various retailers). It’s all natural, and actually zaps odors rather than masking them with another odor, dealing even with the powerful stench of skunk. Simultaneously, treat the house with Fresh Wave crystal gel, soy candle and/or Fresh Wave spray.


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