911 Rescue Dog Gallery
Written by Steve Dale   

Let’s not forget the search and rescue dogs and their handlers who served our country following 9/11. Let’s not forget the lives lost, the lives changed. 

Some of these images are familiar, others are not…many more are found in “Dog Heroes of September 11: A Tribune to America’s Search and Rescue Dogs,” by Nona Kilgore Bauer.  I don’t believe Thank you expresses what I want to say with enough power or passion, but I don’t know how else to say it.

This shot of Riley on a Stokes basket was seen on the network TV news, and spread around the world on the Internet – one of the most indelible images form Ground Zero

Tony Zintsmaster with Kaiser, who got hurt on the job – but only missed one shift. Tony worked the night shift with Kaiser; while Tony’s wife Annette worked days with Max. (photo by Bob Kaufman)

Marti Vanada and Polly, Tony and Kaiser: Another day of heading to the office.

Debra Tosh and her Labrador Abby. Abby’s indication brought four families to closure and peace. Debra is the program director of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. I encourage you to support their efforts:


I interviewed police officer Chris Christensen several times about Servus. More than a search and rescue dog, Servus was also a police dog who saved his partner’s life – more than once. He was over 11 when he died. I want to share this personal plaque which Chris sent to me. The words here certainly describe what working dogs, and the relationship they have with their handlers is all about. Click on the plaque to get a closer look.

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