Robin Meets Wile E. Coyote in Downtown Chicago
Written by Steve Dale   

Robin went for a lunch time stroll in downtown Chicago with a colleague when rudely walking right past them is a coyote. The canine nonchalantly walked right into a Quiznos Sandwich Shop (37 W. Adams Street) in The Loop. Apparently, the coyote ordered a subway, but was refused service. Wile E. then attempted to jump over the counter to get to the gold mine of assorted lunch meats – but fell back. Robin said the coyote had a wound, which appeared to be bleeding some. Perhaps that is why Wile E. settled into the cooler where Power drinks and soft drinks are kept.

Meanwhile, the staff and customers come running out on to the street, one person saying “There’s a wild dog in here!” Another called the police from a cell phone saying a “Mad wolf had come to Quiznos.”

One guy though wasn’t going to be deterred from finishing his sandwich. Police tried to keep gawkers from taking photos with cell phones outside the store’s doors, but this one dude kept eating through all the commotion. When he finished his meal, he looked around and saw only the scared and panting canine. The coyote didn’t seem interested in refilling his soft drink, and there was no one else around. So, the guy helped himself to a refill before finally calmly walking out the door.

Animal control arrived and captured the scared coyote, and eventually the coyote will be given to a wildlife sanctuary.

Robin’s picture, taken with her cell phone, isn’t all too great. But you get the idea. Professional shots and the TV story here:

Robin did never get a sandwich.