Steve and his cat Ricky – Featured Twice on Paul Harvey
Written by Steve Dale   


I met Mr. Harvey once at an event for the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Very tall. That’s what I remember - this icon was clearly someone for most to look up to.

Since I can remember listening to WGN (going back to when I was about two), there was Paul Harvey.  Around 12 years ago, when I began to work on the air, sometimes his ‘Rest of the Stories’ would air in my show, delayed because of baseball. Twice I was listening, and heard stories about me. I had no advance notice. Apparently, Mr. Harvey (and/or his staff) read my newspaper columns, and they lifted pieces for his report. I was and remain honored. And amazed – I wish I wrote as well as Paul Harvey.


However, I must say it’s a good thing I have a strong heart, otherwise Mr. Harvey would have killed me. More than once, as his taped report was playing I was in the bathroom or another studio – and I would hear nothing on-air. Not a thing...and began to stop WHATEVER IT WAS I was doing to race back to that studio since there seemed to be nothing on the air. In radio – this is when you panic. Each time, it was only another Paul Harvey pause. . . As I said, good thing I have a strong heart.

Great artists, Picasso and Van Gogh, and Paul Harvey – only difference is that Paul Harvey painted with words.

Paul Harvey Audio Report #1

Paul Harvey Audio Report #2