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51 Tips on How Pet Owners Can Save Dollars on Furry Friends, Keeping the Family Together Steve Dale
52 Iams Home 4 the Holidays: Adopting One Million Pets by Christmas Steve Dale
53 Alley Cat Allies: Serving Stray and Feral Cats Steve Dale
54 House Training a Buffalo to a Dog Reaching an Autistic Child, A Pack of New Pet Books Steve Dale
55 Jayne Meadows Steve Dale
56 Animal Abuse Linked to Other Forms of Violence Steve Dale
57 Hurricane Gustav Steve Dale
58 Unenforceable, Unsubstantiated, Unfounded – Simply Put, Not a Good Idea Steve Dale
59 Celebrating 40 Years of Winning for Cats Steve Dale
60 Michael Phelps Is Good But When It Comes to the Dog Paddle, Seven Is Tops Steve Dale
61 Dog Training From the Good Old Days Were the Best Days, Tips for Training the Dog You Love, Steve Dale
62 Cornell Feline Health Center: Unwavering Devotion to Cats Steve Dale
63 Ticks Populations Exploding, So Are Reports of Tick Diseases Steve Dale
64 Cats May Be Better Than Prozac Steve Dale
65 Animal Hoarding May Be on the Rise: How to Spot Hoarders and What You Can Do Steve Dale
66 Abandonment: Pets Paying the Price for Sagging Economy Steve Dale
67 Behavior Studies Discussed at 80th Annual Western Veterinary Conference Steve Dale
68 Lifesaving Dog Helps a Family in Crisis: Pets In Women’s Shelters Offer Unconditional Love Steve Dale
69 R. K. Anderson Adventure in the Windy City Steve Dale
70 Steve’s Report on the CATalyst Summit Steve Dale
71 Feline Ambassadors Meet to 'Purrk' Up Cats' Image Steve Dale
72 The Trendiest Dogs in America (and the least trendiest, too) Steve Dale
73 Spanning the Globe: New Year’s Resolutions from Pet Lovers Steve Dale
74 The 12 Pet Tips for a Safe Holiday Steve Dale
75 Q & A Special: Starting from Scratch with Pam Johnson-Bennett Steve Dale
76 Adopt a Pet for the Holidays: Steve Dale
77 Ethel Came To Our Home for the Holidays: The Real Story Steve Dale
78 Maverick Cat Vet Answers Readers Questions Her Own Way Steve Dale
79 Joan Embery Reigns As Ambassador for Pet Health, Steve Dale
80 It’s All About Persevering, ‘Ugly Betty’ Star Finds Her Lost Dog Steve Dale
81 Pets Really Do Rule Steve Dale
82 Emergency Preparedness: When You’re Told ‘Evacuate,’ No Animals Should Be Left Behind Steve Dale
83 Holly: An Olympian with a Heart of Gold Succumbs to HCM Steve Dale
84 Honor Your Vet for Helping Your Pet Steve Dale
85 Falling for Pet Books Steve Dale
86 Fido Barks Boo, Halloween Very Scary Steve Dale
87 Vaccine Guidelines Announced at World Veterinary Association Congress, Steve Dale
88 Chicago Unites Against Dog Fighting Steve Dale
89 Odd Animals from the Land Down Under Steve Dale
90 Thank You Note to Michael Vick: Focus on Dog Fighting Steve Dale
91 Randy Jackson: This Dawg Digs Cats Steve Dale
92 A CDC For Animals, Among Ideas Sundlof Advocates Steve Dale
93 FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Top Dog Sundlof Concedes, ‘We Have To Do Better’; Steve Dale
94 How Long Has This Been Going On? Have Our Pets Paid A Price For Months, Even Years? Steve Dale
95 Senator Durbin Outlines Food Safety Plan Steve Dale
96 Update: Hot off the Press: Steve Dale
97 Introducing The King Daley Shepherd Steve Dale
98 Pet Food Safety Is Now An Issue….Should It Be? Steve Dale
99 Giant Banfield Reports Six Deaths So Far, Not Thousands; Sen. Durbin, Calls for Change Steve Dale
100 Steve interviews Senator Durbin about his response to pet food tragedy Steve Dale
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