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1   Link   American Kennel Club
This is the largest registry of pure bred dogs in America. Information includes where to find a breeder and on all the AKC breeds, as well as lots of general pet care information. All AKC events are found here.
2   Link   ASPCA
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers humane education and advocacy information. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center can be found here too. Animal land is a special place for kids.
3   Link   Clicker Training
The home of Karen Pryor, the Abner Doubleday of clicker training, and various authors whose books and videos for clicker training cats, birds and horses – as well as dogs. You can also find a clicker trainer near where you live.
4   Link   The Dog Writers Association of America, Inc.
Established in 1935 as a means for colleagues who write about Man's Best Friend communicate with one another. DWAA's writing competition is open to writers, photographers, editors, publishers and broadcasters with an awards banquet held annually in
5   Link   Good News for Pets
Steve contributes to this site since its inception. While anyone can access the site, it was set up primarily for media professionals to get an inside scoop on what’s going on in the pet world. Venerable author Mordecai Siegal is also a contributor.
6   Link   Humane Society of the United States
Recently celebrating their 50th anniversary as an organization devoted to the protection of all animals. Website offers ways you make a difference by taking action, and also information on everything from saving the whales to dog fighting.
7   Link   International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
Your pet wouldn’t give up on you, you don’t have to give up on your pet’ is their motto. Indeed even most serious behavioral issues in dogs, cats, birds and horses are solvable, and here’s a guide to certified behavior consultants. You can use the g