COVID-19 Sniffing Dogs Work Security for Miami Heat

January 25, 2021

The security detail allowing you to see a Miami Heat National Basketball Association game will be coronavirus-sniffing dogs. Fans will have to be sniffed by the trained dogs before entering American Airlines Arena in Miami.Starting later this week, a limited number of ticket holders will be in the seats

Keeping Pets Safe in the Winter

January 23, 2021

Keeping pets safe in winter can be a challenge. Some dogs delight romping in the snow and appear as impervious to frigid temperatures as polar bears. Malamutes, Great Pyrenees, Huskies and many other large dogs seem friskier in weather that chills us to the bone. On the other paw, Toy Poodles and Chihuahuas

Pets Are Back in the White House

January 21, 2021

Pets are back in the White House! Bruce, one of President Woodrow Wilson's dogsPresident Woodrow Wilson once remarked on a dog’s ability to judge a person’s character.“If a dog will not come to you after he has looked you in the face, you ought to go home and examine your conscience.”On Jan. 17, the

Rebranding Kennel Cough: Pair Up for Protection

January 19, 2021

You want to know what veterinarians and veterinary technicians and nurses are talking about? Bordetella or kennel cough is being rebranded. The same old multifactorial disease will now be known as canine infectious respiratory disease complex or CIRDC.  The disease is indeed characterized accurately

Happy 99th: A Conversation with Betty White

January 16, 2021

On January 17 Betty White celebrates her 99th birthday. According to CBS News, she's doing well in quarantine while literally getting her ducks in a row, feeding ducks is a part of her daily routine.  Here are some fun Betty White facts – I know them, because she’s told me herself. I've interviewed her

My Conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci: Reactions

January 14, 2021

Both on Facebook and also via email received many emails thanking me for my interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci. And due to requests, am reposting here. Most gratifying was Dr. Fauci's private comments to me following the "intelligent interview," which he didn't have to do. However, I am astounded by the

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Post COVID Canine Separation Anxiety

For so many dogs, sheltering in place at our homes is a dream come true. But what’s next? Here’s the segment I did for Good Morning America on increased separation anxiety. I suggest this separation distress will occur most likely among the three following populations of dogs in particular: Dogs who previously suffered mild to more severe…

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In the Wrong Penguin Parade

Don’t leave your friends out in the cold.

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Save Da Hoomans Campaign; Love and Friendship with Dogs

Clinical trials is a term which now most of us know. But how do you partake in one? Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio conversation with Sara Serritella, director of Communications for the Institute of Translational Medicine,  lecturer at The University of Chicago and Director of the Save da Hoomans Campaign. This…

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America’s Dogs Got Talent

Talent:   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by floap – For Love of All Pets (@floap_pets)

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Magic with a Magical Dog

In this instance, the dog is merely a prop for this talented magician. However, the bond between this magician and dog is palpable, and you’ll see for a good reason.

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Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Cockatoo sounds like a cat, but doesn’t exactly look like one. Are these cats fooled?

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Heroes Welcome for a Police Dog

Heroes can have four legs too. Thurston County Sheriff’s in Lacey, WA police dog named Arlo returned home after surviving being shot during a police chase and undergoing multiple surgeries by veterinarians in Oregon. The chase occured as deputies pursued an armed driver, gunfire erupted leaving both the suspect and Arlo wounded. Arlo suffered bullet…

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