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2,000 Pet Blog Posts from Steve Dale


2,000 Steve Dale’s Pet World blog posts is a lot in 30 months. By my count that’s about 66 1/2 posts each month, averaging over two posts daily. And I’ve only just begun!  What’s most important, are you – my readers….thousands and thousands see posts each month. I’ve received 3,141 comments. Most are worthy, a few worthless. I recently was honored to appear as a keynote speaker at BlogPaws and was introduced as one of the most influential pet bloggers in America. Not sure that’s not overstating it – but still am grateful for my successes, but really credit you who read (listen to and watch), and share what I post with others.

My only regret is that I wish more people would ‘subscribe’ (it’s free and easy, see the bottom of this post…and no I don’t sell lists, even if anyone has asked – and no one has).

It’s hard to pick one favorite post. There was the one where I posted the image of the man who’s dog attacked another dog at Mondog dog beach, and reportedly ran off. Through both the image on the blog, and telling folks people on WGN radio to view the image, the culprit was nailed

I’m told my blog was integral in shutting down an Android dog fighting app….When a dog fighting ring was discovered adjacent to a children’s daycare center, I suggested an enhanced felony bill (creating potentially more jail time) if convicted of dog fighting anywhere near a day care center, school or children’s play area, ultimately it passed, and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn invited me to the bill signing. (The bill written by Ledy VanKavage of Best Friends)

Sadly, our pets are getting sicker than ever before (really, it’s true) because preventive care is not being carried out by pet owners – simply by not taking their pets in for annual (or better bi-annual) check ups.

I’ve ranted on lots of issues….and some of those posts have gone viral – just this year, suggesting I am sick and tired of the “bird people” vs. “cat people” debate. It’s ridiculous. Bottom line – a world without cats means inundation of rats (and diseases they carry).

Quite organically  after I received some email from readers/listeners who dressed their pets in Blackhawk gear, I recently held a contest for pets that best supported the Hawks drive to the Stanley Cup. The judges were Bryan Bickell of the Hawks and his fiance Amanda.

I wrote too many times reporting on pet food recalls, and continue to express serious concerns, in particular, about chicken jerky treats from China.

My blog is, for me, very personal – I posted the story of our dog Lucy, who passed away in 2011.

In addition, I’ve posted dozens of videos from my YouTube page, interviews from both my national  radio show as well as stories from my national newspaper columns, everything from various interviews with Betty White to tick disease in cats to misconceptions about dominant dogs.

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Steve Dale is a certified animal behavior specialist who has been a trusted voice in the world of pet health for over 20 years. You have likely heard him on the radio, read him in print and online, and seen him speaking at events all over the world. His contributions to advancing pet wellness have earned him many an award and recognition around the globe.

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