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3 Things We Must Do For Our Cats


Feline veterinarian Dr. Kim Kendall from Sydney Australia says on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show there are three things we MUST do for cats!

  1. Feed your cat(s) the best food, or what you believe is the best food. Price is not an indicator, she says, of what the best food necessarily is. An treats are fine, but less than percent of the diet (or you can

    Dr. Kim Kendall

    unbalance that diet).

  2. Keep pesky fleas off your cat(s). Fleas do carry disease. And flea protection is necessary, even for indoor cats.
  3. Dr.Kendall also says teach your cat(s) to go in and out of the carrier without having to chase the cat(s) all around the house. Cats can be trained to even go into their carriers, for fun! “It’s worth making the effort,” she says.

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