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Good Dog Features Videos; You Can See How to Solve Dog Behavior Problems


Well over 100 questions from readers all country from my national Tribune Media Services syndicated column are in my new Ebook “Good Dog!” Many of the nations tops experts in animal behavior join me to answer questions.

Some are common questions, ranging from what to do about aggressive dogs to problems house training to those dog who can’t tolerate being home alone because they have separation distress. Others questions include everything from dogs eating their own poo (coprophagia) to dogs snacking from the cat litter box to a dog who prefers Animal Planet shows to other TV to what to do if a dog seems deep in mourning for the loss of another dog. I write about everything from puppy training to canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (doggy Alzeheimer’s).

The books are available wherever Ebooks are sold.

I am really excited about this for so many reasons. For starters, there’s one version of this book specifically for IPads (available at – just type in my name – steve dale – and the words “Good Dog!” in the store search) which includes embedded video. This way, myself and various other experts actually demonstrate what I write about. You can see what to do for yourself – and it’s fun too!

This is a bit inside here – but in my genre of pet writing, while books come out all the time as paper and binding real books, and then onto the ebook format, or some self-publish – as far as I know I am the first pet book specifically published by a major player as an ebook. If “Good Dog!” and soon “Good Cat!” does well, other publishers are likely to consider following.

Also, very cool that Victoria Stilwell, Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, wrote the foreword; Dr. Sheldon Rubin – who’s been reading my column for 16 of the 17 years I’ve been writing them did the introduction – and the one and only Betty White wrote the Preface.

Blurbs for the book include, Dr. Robin Ganzert, president/CEO American Humane Association; dog trainer and from Animal Planet Andrea Arden; veterinary behaviorist Dr. John Ciribassi and Jennifer Arnold, pet book author and founder Canine Assistants.

I am always about reaching more and more people, and helping – and hopefully these books can reach a new readership, as well as to help animals.

“Good Dog” is only $2.99 – and available through places ebooks are sold. Here’s the link from Amazon for “Good Dog!”

“Good Dog” for Ipad or Itunes with embedded videos is $4.99.

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