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WGN Radio Petcast: Newt Gingrich on Pets; How Animals Die in Shelters; New Puppy Mill Truths


Listen HERE to the latest WGN Radio Petcast: (may take a moment to load)

Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich kicks off this political petcast. Senator Andy Dineman and dog trainer Joesph Dwyer talk about their bill to ban carbon monoxide poisoning of shelter animals (which remains the only choice in many states), and there’s a discussion about new science on the temperament of dogs raised in puppy mills.

Newt Gingrich makes another appearance on Steve Dale’s Pet World – because he truly is an animal lover. Gingirch talks about his new website – We talk about….

  • Newt’s role in why it’s beneficial for people who live in public housing should be allowed to have a pet
  • Why people in disasters and emergencies should be allowed to evacuate with their pets, and why Newt strongly supported this notion.
  • Why pets are good for us.
  • Did you know that if Newt Gingrich wasn’t a public official he might have been a zoo official?
  • Many hospitals allow and encourage therapy dogs because truly these dogs can make a difference.
  • Is conservation an important issue for Gingrich and should it be important?
  • One of Newt’s sisters, Susan Gingrich began the Bria Fund with the Winn Feline Foundation to support FIP studies. FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) has always been considered fatal, and sadly mostly kills kittens. However, because of Winn supported studies, and the passion of individuals – such as Susan – researchers are finally making a difference to learn more and provide some answers for this complex disease

I also spoke to Gingrich a bit about this other website -and who would put a dog inside a crate on the roof of a car? By the way, that’s against the law.  And we spoke politics a bit, mostly – does he think he still can be President? Overall, a fascinating conversation.

Pennsylvania Senator Andy Dinniman helped to draft and pass a bill banning the gassing of shelter animals with carbon monoxide in his state, named Daniel’s Law. Dog trainer and motivational speaker Joe Dwyer is supporting this idea – named for his dog –  all over the country. Daniels’ story is one worth hearing, and reading about. Indeed, I agree that euthanasia by injection (that is how our pets are ‘put to sleep’ when the time comes) should be the only choice. Shelters animals deserve to die pain free and with dignity.

Is there a difference between puppy mill dogs, and you getting a dog from another source? While the answers may not be surprising, they are now based on new science as described by Dr. Frank McMillan, director of Well Being Studies Best Friends Animal Society.

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