50 Best Cities for Pets


What are the 50 best cities for pets with a focus on rental availability, cost of veterinary medicine and number of pet businesses per capita? Rent.com has done the math.

Finding rental properties that allow pets can be challenging, particularly in income challenged neighborhoods.

Some upscale properties actually have amenities to attract people with pets, including their own dog parks and free dog washing. However, too many properties charge an extra fee if you have any pet, aside from a goldfish.

Also, so many properties don’t allow dogs over 25 lbs or 30 lbs, or whatever their random weight cut off is. Truth is small dogs may even more likely be a nuisance compared to large dogs. Also, far too many properties limit breeds, not allowing a dog called a pit bull (though, in truth, most dogs call pit bulls are nothing more than mixed breed dogs), and may throw in other breeds like the Rottweiler or Doberman. Not allowing any dog over 30 lbs. is another way of banning breeds, since nearly all breeds they may want to ban are over 30 lbs. There is no scientific support, however, to ban any breed. 

These same is also all true for condominium associations, and I’ve spoken (as an expert) to Condo Boards and to rental property management groups; sometimes they truly have an open mind and sometimes they invite me in solely to placate renters or condo owners. Not allowing pets may force people to say they have comfort dogs, who only “certified” because the pet parent pays and internet site $50 or whatever the fee is. I am not defending this action, but when dog-friendly rental properties are so hard to come by, can you blame them? Not allowing pets, more importantly, limits those who will most often consider your property. Truth is more people in the U.S. have a pet than have a child. Dogs provide a crime deterrent, particularly larger dogs. People with pets (for various reasons) are more likely to continue living at the property longer compared to those without pets.

The 50 Best Cities for Pets

Here are the top 50 best cities for pets:

RankCityPopulationPet-Friendly PropertiesVet CostsPet Businesses Per Capita (10k People)
1Greeley, CO108,649100.0%$36.8610.2
2Charleston, SC137,56692.9%$50.5014.1
3Ann Arbor, MI119,98097.3%$51.0312.2
4Boulder, CO105,67390.0%$46.0013.1
5Tyler, TX106,98585.2%$46.3315.1
6Scottsdale, AZ258,06987.8%$51.2015.4
7Arvada, CO121,27288.2%$46.009.6
8Naperville, IL148,449100.0%$46.396.8
9Vacaville, CA100,67093.3%$50.007.9
10Davie, FL106,30690.9%$54.9011.5
11Westminster, CO113,16693.3%$46.007.2
12Fort Collins, CO170,24382.6%$36.8613.3
13Sugar Land, TX118,488100.0%$51.557.3
14Billings, MT109,57783.3%$46.5013.1
15Cary, NC170,28293.5%$52.678.0
16Overland Park, KS195,49488.7%$48.108.5
17Roseville, CA141,50096.7%$50.007.0
18Springfield, IL114,23088.9%$58.6713.5
19Tucson, AZ548,07387.3%$53.0010.8
20Columbia, SC131,67478.3%$37.5020.7
21Athens, GA126,91391.9%$55.548.7
22Midland, TX146,03890.6%$50.007.4
23Pueblo, CO112,36181.8%$39.0010.0
24Des Moines, IA214,23784.4%$41.638.4
25Edinburg, TX101,170100.0%$41.674.3
26St. Louis, MO300,57682.0%$50.6715.7
27Dayton, OH140,40782.4%$51.5619.7
28Lakewood, CO157,93587.8%$58.2910.8
29West Palm Beach, FL111,95580.0%$50.0017.5
30Simi Valley, CA125,61391.7%$69.0010.3
31Gilbert, AZ254,114100.0%$51.205.6
32Elk Grove, CA174,77595.0%$50.005.4
33Round Rock, TX133,37284.0%$45.007.6
34Peoria, AZ175,96195.0%$46.004.5
35Birmingham, AL209,40379.6%$45.0010.8
36Santa Maria, CA107,263100.0%$47.484.1
37Knoxville, TN187,60375.0%$39.4021.2
38Broken Arrow, OK110,19890.9%$52.637.2
39Allen, TX105,623100.0%$84.508.7
40Austin, TX978,90885.3%$45.007.1
41Grand Rapids, MI201,01386.3%$56.009.5
42Omaha, NE478,19285.0%$56.5010.4
43Temecula, CA114,76190.9%$63.508.5
44Centennial, CO110,937100.0%$58.296.3
45Alexandria, VA159,42886.4%$62.5010.3
46Raleigh, NC474,06987.7%$52.677.4
47Springfield, MO167,88276.3%$44.0812.6
48Coral Springs, FL133,75988.2%$54.907.5
49Tallahassee, FL194,50077.4%$48.3014.9
50Allentown, PA121,44288.2%$55.007.5


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