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Adopt a Dog From Glencoe Hoarding Case


The first of 40 or so dogs confiscated May 13 in a dog hoarding case can be adopted Tuesday, May 26 in the monthly adopt a dog segment with the Steve Cochran Show and myself, 8:35 AM CDT on WGN Radio. Listen HERE, or 720AM.

This is one of too many dogs at Tails of Hope in Highland Park, who took in most of the dogs. Her name is Pepper Potts. She’s perhaps a Cocker Spaniel/Lhaso Apso-mix, and about a yea old. Pepper just loves loves loves people, and feels the same way about other dogs. And she is in love with toys. Just say the word “play” and Pepper is ready to go. Pepper is, for whatever reason, the most social of all the rescued dogs. His “girlfriend” at Tails of Hope is named Iron Man.

Sadly among the dogs rescued about five needed to be euthanized. Most of the dogs had been sitting in their own feces, and had not been groomed. Most actually needed to be anesthetized just to be groomed, a process which took some time. Many of the dogs weren’t adequately socialized. Interestingly, they appear to crave human attention, rather than show serious signs of mistrust. None of this is an issue for Pepper, though – in fact, she apparently has no “issues.” She demonstrates just how resilient dogs can be.  But with the shelter over-capacity because of all the rescues, finding a good home now would be in her best interest.

The Glencoe Department of Public Safety received a call from the Illinois Department on Aging requesting a well-being check at Jeanne Harper’s residence. When when they arrived they found something they weren’t expecting about 40 dogs living in horrific conditions.  Officials needed to wear hazmat to go inside the home to rescue the dogs.

Neighbors say that a woman in her 60s has lived alone in the house for many years and although they could hear dogs barking, there never appeared to be more than a couple of dogs, as they were all kept inside. One neighbor burst into tears as she watched the crews removing the animals – she’d had no idea so many were living inside and under such deplorable conditions.

As of May 18th six misdemeanor charges had been filed against Jeanne Harper. According to the Glencoe Department of Public Safety, three charges are related to owner’s duties for companion animals and three are related to cruel treatment of companion animals.

What’s most important is nursing the few still medically shaky dogs back to full health, and adopting them into forever homes – and we hopefully begin with the first one those dogs finding a home on the WGN radio pet adopt segment. Last month, we adopted Poppie from the Anti Cruelty Society.

Help Tails of Hope to raise money for all on their GoFundMe page. Or you can meet super hero rescued canines, and shot for new and gently used items. Also learn about their Foster volunteer program, May 30 and May 21, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tails of Hope Adoption Center, 1628 Old Deerfield Rd., Highland Park. For info, call 847-557-9554.


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