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Adopt-A-Dog Month Kicks Off In Chicago with Governor Pat Quinn


American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog month kicks off with an event at the Anti Cruelty Society with dog loving Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, and you are invited!

Breed bans, always potentially lurking….but not with Gov. Quinn in office.

The event is at noon (’till around 1 p.m.) Sunday, October 3 at the Anti Cruelty Society (LaSalle and Grand), parking is free (on Wells).

It’s historic – The first public meeting between our dog, Ethel and Robin Ganzert, newly named president/CEO of the American Humane Association.

Robin Ganzert, president/CEO American Humane Association

Adopt-A-Dog month was created decades ago to enhance awareness of the plight of the thousands and thousands of dogs that languish in shelters.

Ethel, days after being adopted

Ethel was adopted from Chicago Animal Care and Control, via a shelter four years ago.

Governor Quinn’s record on companion animal issues is stellar! He signed legislation this year, which was my idea (with Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart) to enhance the felony for dogifghters nabbed within barking distance from a day care center, playground or school.

Gov. Quinn signing legislation to enhance the felony – increasing jail time for dog fighters found near schools, playgrounds or day care centers. This is the first law of its kind in America.

Only weeks ago, he also signed legislation to mandate a bittering agent be put into anti-freeze (so it tastes lousy). Anti-freeze is otherwise sweet as can be an happily lapped up by pets, and often lethal.

The Governor has long stood for euthanasia by injection (as opposed to the antiquated so-called gas chambers, which the Governor’s opponent apparently thought was a good idea.)

And here’s a SCOOP! On October 7, Illinois is being named the Best in the Nation for animal protection laws by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Lots and lots of people responsible for that, Governor Quinn is one of them.

Of course, the first dog – a 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier, Bailey has known about the Governor being a dog-lover (a pet lover, really) for a long time.

Robin Ganzert will speak, and so will I, as well as Dr. Robyn Barbiers, president of the City’s oldest and busiest privately run open admission shelter, the Anti Cruelty Society.   

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