Adoptable Dog from SPCA Puerto Vallarta: Mr. Personality


Janice Chatterton at SPCA Puerto Vallarta

SPCA Puerto Vallarta has this special dog named Paulo. Of course, I realize shelters all over America and Mexico have special dogs every day. There’s a personal story here, which is why I am pleading for a good home for this little dude.

I have written several times about my connection to the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. Very recently, the organization’s founder, Janice Chatterton passed away. A void is not only being felt at the animal sanctuary, but all across Puerto Vallarta. As a direct result of Chatterton’s influence more people in Puerto Vallarta now consider dogs (and cats) as members of the family. Still, though, dogs are too often found roaming the streets and beaches, as was this little guy.

I was unable to physically get to Puerto Vallarta to attend Chatterton’s memorial, but my friend and hero for dogs Kathy Mackal was there. And wouldn’t you know it she and Corrine Janet Eastham happened to find this struggling little guy in the Costco parking lot.

He was very dehydrated, very hungry and weak, and people said he’d been seen there for a very long time. Unsure of his chances – Kathy and Janet were hoping for the best, and brought him to a local veterinarian, Dr. Pena for treatment. He was hospitalized. After only two days of fluids, food and meds he was like a different dog! He is currently being treated for Ehrlichia and a bad ear infection and his platelets are low but he is otherwise he is doing great at the SPCA Puerto Vallarta sanctuary. He will be neutered soon and then available for adoption by around mid-April.

He is a very sweet dog who LIVES to play ball ❤️

He’s very quiet, and loves people and other dogs.

Here’s why I am posting this. Chatterton was doggedly determined to make life better for individual dogs and all dogs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and beyond It was only moments after her memorial that Paulo was found. Kathy and Janet appropriately named him Paulo for Chatterton’s son Paul who died tragically many years ago in an accident And if ever there was a dog grateful to be rescued, this playful bundle of personality is it. If you are interested in adopting, contact me, [email protected]



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