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All New Pet Products Presented at Global Pet Expo


From Chinese food for dogs to a toilet for cats to high-end purses to tote pets in, Steve sniffed out unique innovative pet products at the Global Pet Expo.

      San Diego, CA. There’s nothing like the Global Pet Expo, which was held March 23 through 25 at the San Diego Convention Center. The American Pet Product Manufacturer’s Association and the Pet Industry Distributor’s Association attracted 690 company, from 24 countries. Over 700 new products for pets and pet lovers were rolled out. Here is a small sampling:

      Eight may have been enough but Dick Van Patten 1970’s TV star says he can’t get enough of his Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance dog foods. He was literally stirring the pot, offering tastes of his latest flavor, Irish Stew. In fact, it tasted like, well, Irish stew.

      Other new formulas are Hobo Chili, Southern Style Dumplins with Gravy and Chinese Take-Out. When asked if he personally delivers the Chinese take out, “Well, it depends on where you live. I’ll try.” It’s a little known fact, even English bulldogs might have a hankering for Chinese,” Van Patten maintained. No word on whether they’ll be hungry an hour after eating the food.

        Natural Balance foods have no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. They’re sold at most places where pet foods are sold.

      Healthy dogs with lots of energy have a great outlet in products from a company called Hyper Products. You can perfect your golf swing while your dog works on her fetch. A tennis ball fits perfectly into a notch inside a driver – the kind you golf with. If your follow through is good, the ball may travel up to 100 yards. Each Doggie Driver is $29.99.

      The Hyperdog Ball Launcher catapults a tennis ball up to 220 feet. A great idea for people with limited mobility to throw, or just one way to avoid ‘dog slime” since you don’t handle the ball which is loaded inside the launcher, $29.99.

      For dogs who enjoy fixing things rather than breaking them, Hyper Products offers a line of hardware hound hammers, wrenches and various other tools. They all squeak, and are $3.99 a piece.  Learn more at, or call 866-476-5614.

      Maybe the dog can use the hammer and wrench to help set up the CatGenie, touted as the world’s only self-flushing, self washing litter box. Either you or your dog (if your dog is handy) may hook it up to your existing plumbing. The cat uses a bowl shaped like a toilet. In fact, this thing is a toilet for cats. You pre-set the CatGenie to flush as many times as you like whenever you like, or you can manually flush. There’s no litter to change, instead granules inside the bowl are thoroughly washed each time the CatGenie flushes.

      Hygiene and conservation (not sending cat litter to landfills) doesn’t come cheap; the CatGenie is $299. However, since you’ll never again need litter, over time, it will pay for itself.  The hope is that somehow the cleaning action (as the granules are cleaned after each flush) will actually kill the feline coronavirus which is spread through feces and hangs out for a time in the litter in typical cat boxes. Mostly affecting kittens, this virus usually fairly benign, but in a small percent of cats the cornavirus mutates into feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which is always fatal. Someone needs to research to determine if that washing action in CatGenie could actually kill the virus and therefore lessen the likelihood of FIP being spread.  Learn more about the CatGenie at, or call 888-735-3927.

      The BiOrb is great for feline entertainment. Even near-sighted kitties may enjoy watching the fish through this low maintenance and incredibly sparkly clear to look at self-filtering aquarium with a built in filtration. It’s made of Plexiglass, and includes a halogen light and biological filter cartridge that last six to eight weeks. You do have to gradually change water, and simply swap out cartridges, but it’s easier to maintain than traditional aquariums. The BiOrb is $89 to $139 dollars (four gallon to 16 gallon aquariums). BiOrbs are available at specialty retailers and some pet stores. Learn more at

      Burnt orange, gloss python print in tangerine, silver, aquamarine and lime green are the hot collars in both fish and also dog collars and handbags for dogs. If you want to be like Paris Hilton (and who doesn’t), carrying around your pup in handbag, these are for you. Most handbags have extra compartments to stash dog treats or perhaps your lipstick. Truly, these accessories are all the rage in “LA LA Land.” Of course, being all the rage doesn’t come cheap; collars are $12 to $92; the bags range from about $200 to $400. Available at specialty pet stores, or contact

      Even the most accessorized dogs don’t look good with fleas. Sentry Natural Defense is a new line of all natural flea and tick deterrents for dogs and cats. If you mixed all the ingredients in Natural Defense together, you could bake cookies with them. To prove their point – that there are no pesticides – that’s exactly what they did, serving lemongrass and cinnamon cookies to the press. According to the manufacturer, Natural Defense causes a sort of terminal nervous break down to repel and destroy fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. But Natural Defense is also obviously good enough to snack on if you happen to be human. Natural defense is available wherever pet supplies are sold.

      Pets get ‘outchies’ too. The 3M company now has a liquid bandage (pets might want to eat a real bandage, or at least pull it off), and is perfect for scraped noses, cracked paws or other minor cuts. This comes in a spray bottle, and is $8.99. Sold in department stores, hardware stores and pet stores.

      CatSure and DogSure are meant to do the same for pets as Ensure does for people. Ensure is a nutritional supplement, a kind of liquid milkshake to boost calorie intake and is enriched with healthy vitamins and minerals for the elderly, post surgical or chemotherapy patients. Both CatSure and DogSure are enriched in antioxidants, and may be poured over kibble or served in a bowl, and it’s available at most pet stores, $7 (each can is three servings). Learn more; or call 800-323-6878.

      Learn more about pet gadgets seen at Global Pet Expo at


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