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All Veterinary Professionals Support Fear Free


If pets are feeling fear, anxiety and stress during veterinary visits, their family members are picking up on the same feelings, and so even are the veterinary professionals.

Julie Legred, a veterinary nurse and executive director of Veterinary Technicians in America, explains the Fear Free initiative. The goal is to reduce or even eliminate that fear, anxiety and stress.

And that can be done, says Legred. She explains that some of what is done can be pretty easy like spraying the lab coat with Feliway or Adaptil (copies of pheromones that may lower stress), examine the pet on the floor rather than on a cold exam table or even examine on a yoga mat where there’s sure footing.  Maybe using a vaccine with less volume, and takes even less time to give.

Legred say a pet that’s comfortable at the clinic is absolutely preferable for everyone’s benefit.

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