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Alligator Rescued from Lake Michigan


So, there you are kayaking and you see an alligator in Lake Michigan, near Waukegan. And you might think you’re hallucinating.

David Castenda was fishing when he spotted the juvenile gator. If it wasn’t for Castenda calling 9-1-1 and then keeping up with the gator, he would have soon died. The poor thing had it’s mouth taped shut. What’s more, any reptile would soon die due to the cold and eventually freezing lake water. The gator was rescued days ago, and with temperatures falling likely the alligator wouldn’t have made it another few days if it wasn’t for Castenda.

The gator is reportedly doing well at the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest, where he will be kept indefinitely.

I can’t comprehend why people seek to have wild animals as pets in the first place. But then to not care for them to this extent should be a criminal offense – taping the mouth shut is clearly animal cruelty. Of course, there’s no way to learn who did this. Or maybe there is. Perhaps someone knows who did this.




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