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ATLANTA, GA. — Decades ago, legendary veterinary behaviorist Dr. R.K. Anderson realized that preventing behavior problems keeps pets in homes. He’s been barking the same mantra for a very long time.

Dr. R. K. Anderson

“It’s all about behavior. When there are no behavior problems, there’s a stronger bond with the pet,” adds Anderson.

In 2006, as videos were popping up everywhere on the Internet, Anderson created the Animal Behavior Resources Institute“Our goal was to first provide free science-based information and
humane methods to professionals,” says Anderson. “And the public soon found the site
helpful, as well, which is good, you see.”

ABRIonline offers dozens of videos featuring many of the most noted
animal behaviorists, behavior consultants and trainers in the world,
demonstrating training techniques and how to deal with a myriad of
behavior problems. There are also audio podcasts and articles.

The site quickly carved a niche but never has been truly promoted. So Anderson decided to upgrade.

“You see, I’m 88 years young, and I’m determined that the site should
have the right tools to reach more people,” he says. To achieve that
goal and insure the site’s long-term viability and success, Anderson
approached the American Humane Association about overseeing the site from here on out, and doing a re-launch.

American Humane accepted the opportunity. “Our goal is to make this the coffee house for training and behavior,” says Katenna Jones, associate applied animal behaviorist and humane educator for American Humane.

The re-launch was officially announced at the American College of Veterinary Behaviorist/American Veterinary Society Animal Behavior Symposium July 30 at the 147th Annual American Veterinary Medical Association Conference in Atlanta, Ga. Anderson was there to personally make the announcement.

To oversee, and offer advice, American Humane also created a volunteer Advisory Committee on Animal Behavior and Training. Karen Pryor,
known for her pioneering popularization of operant conditioning
(clicker training), is a member of the committee. “I’m thrilled to be a
part of it. R.K. is quite the visionary, isn’t he?” she comments.

Karen Pryor, her most recent book, “Reaching the Animal Mind: Clicker Training and What It Teaches Us About Animals”

“So many great professionals with varying perspectives contribute to
the website,” adds Jones. “While you may see several different
techniques for dealing with the same problem, people can be assured that
all of the methods demonstrated on this site will always be science
based and humane.”

Pryor adds, “Ultimately, ABRIonline will be the ‘go to’ site for
solid science, rather an individual opinions, and sometimes erroneous,
though popular, viewpoints.”

Animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin, another member of the Advisory Committee on Animal Behavior and Training,
has publicly expressed concerns about some recently popularized dog
training techniques, which could be the cause of more problems than they
solve, and could be inhumane.

Dr. Sophia Yin’s book is a breakthrough, called “Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats”

“It’s fantastic that ABRI is being managed by an organization
committed to applying the best science and humane methods to real-life.
As a result, not only are dogs going to benefit, but so are entire

Anderson adds, “American Humane is the perfect organization to step
in to maintain the site because of their history and current efforts to
address child welfare, as well as animal welfare, protecting both
children and pets. American Humane was the first organization to figure
out that violence to animals in the home means there may be violence or
abuse to women or children going on in the same home. Keeping families
together is a priority, and pets are a part of the family, you see. So
American Humane has it right.”

American Humane’s Jones says, “It’s pretty humbling seeing the names
on this website. They are all the superstars of animal behavior. And
through the Internet, of course, the ability to touch people is
limitless, and we offer all this without a fee. Dr. Anderson is right.
The tools are here to keep families together.”

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