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Animal Welfare Coalition Teams Up to Care for Hawthorne Cats


Hawthorne Race Course cats with Jenny Schlueter of Tree House Humane Society and Jim Miller representing the track on WGN Radio’s Steve Dale’s Pet World. Listen HERE. 

First, newsman Dave Schwan and myself discuss my recent visit to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and SPCA Puerto Vallarta.  Catch of glimpse of this place, the SPCA Puerto Vallarta.

Who would have expected feral cats at Hawthorne Race Course to make the news? I thought instead of me telling the story, best to let people hear it from Hawthorne. If you don’t believe Hawthorne, (and some people don’t), Jenny from Tree House is sitting right there. Tree House (and Jenny personally) would never give Hawthorne a pass if they hadn’t decided to do the right thing, and listen to experts on feral cats. As Jenny explains both PAWS Chicago and Triple R Pets now participate in one-of-a-kind coalition to care for the feral cats at the race course. And the cats have benefited….

One example is how feeding stations for the feral cats have been moved, to warmer more secure places for the cats, and neater and cleaner too. Some of the feeding stations are now elevated. Simultaneously, the track say they’ve benefited by moving the feeding stations.

If a cat is found to require medical care, it happens, and without hesitation – as Tree House veterinarians just saved one cat’s life.

What’s more, Hawthorne indicates on-air they are providing the dry food for the cats. And as I announced with Pete McMurray on WGN, Hawthorne will make a financial donation to each of the animal welfare groups, which I twisted Hawthorne’s arm for…..but admittedly, it took very little twisting. Hawthorne didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes.’  The commitment from Hawthorne is obvious, maybe it wasn’t there – I don’t know – but it is sure there today. And more to come this Spring to support the cats, which I will announce closer to the date.

Personality conflicts happen – after all humans are only just that….Right or wrong, all I know is that the cats have a pretty good deal now, and the race course benefits too!


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