Anti Cruelty Society Celebrates Martin Luther King Day and Steve’s Ice-Cream


Elliott Serrano, the Anti-Cruelty Society’s manager of community programs, HERE on my WGN Sunday afternoon Steve Dale’s Other World Show, speaks about their Virtual Day of Service for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  He provides details about the many activities happening virtually for MLK Day, Monday, January 18. Happenings included crafting and creating your own dog and cat toys. Special guests include dog trainer Jeff Jenkins with his performing dogs from the (cruelty free) Midnight Circus.

Of course, you will also see adoptable dogs and cats along the way. And Elliott comments on those pandemic puppies and kitties.

As Elliott explains, celebrating MLK Day is all about building a community of caring. He also explains the various pop up pet food pantries happening around the city which Anti Cruelty Society is involved.

Ice-Cream War: Lisnek Losing

Steve and Paul ordering the banana pudding ice-cream. Odd how part of Paul is cropped out of the photo. How did that happen?

Listen HERE, as I tell the REAL story behind how the ice-cream war at Windy City Sweets (3308 N.Broadway) Chicago. And how this war of the ice-cream to benefit the Anti Cruelty Society began with Steve and his elderly friend Paul Lisnek of WGN TV.

So, who wins here? My extraordinary ice-cream, banana pudding ice-cream or Paul’s peppermint (which is very good but very common – as Paul is very common).

Elliott concedes that he is a fan of banana pudding ice-cream. The people have spoken! 




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