Anxious Pets on Halloween on the Jam-TV

Halloween and pets with Steve Dale on The Jam on WCIU TV


Anxious pets on Halloween and Halloween safety are the topics of my discussion on the Jam on WCIU-TV with Carly Henderson and Felicia Lawrence.

Because SO many pets are lost on Halloween, it may be best to keep the them behind a closed door – even if they don’t get stressed by seeing all those ghosts and goblins.

For pets showing some anxiety – the solution may be a pheromone product, Adapitl or Feliway

Adaptil is a copy of a calming pheromone mother dogs produce in their milk to relax anxious dogs.

Feliway is a copy of the comfort pheromone cats deposit when they rub their cheek pad against a table leg or a human leg to identify it as their own.

As you can play some calming music, such as classical tunes. Or simply turn on the TV or a talk radio station.

Distraction is a smart strategy to deal with anxious pets on Halloween. Stuff treats or kibble or moist food into a Kong toy or any of the myriad of food dispensing toys now on the market. If your dog or cat (yes cats too) are working on figuring out how to get the yummies, they won’t be simultaneously anxious about those noisy trick or treaters. (Warning: This method isn’t a good idea when pets are aggressive in a confined space about sharing food and/or toys).What to do about thunderstorm anxiety in dogs

If you’re unable to distract your pet, and that background music won’t do the trick there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the idea of going a step further; in fact, it may be the most humane solution for canine and/or feline nervous nellies. Nutraceuticals are a great place to begin, and can be acquired online or through your veterinarian.

Zentrol is a proprietary blend of plant extracts. Studies have demonstrating this chewable can lower fear, anxiety and stress. Studies have also demonstrated that dogs exhibit fewer “negative behavior” resulting from fear, anxiety and stress. Some caretakers suggest their dog is “acting out,” when, in fact, the dog is anxious.

If you think your pet has ingested dark chocolate, too much chocolate, too much candy or any of artificial sweetener called Xylitol, contact your veterinarian.

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