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AVMA President on THC and CBD for Pets on WGN


Listen HERE, as I begin my Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show wishing Betty White a happy 98th birthday. And here’s my most recent conversation with her. I mention that in my WGN Radio podcast with Dr. Lester Fisher, who is year older than Betty says “Hi kid!” when he sees her. You may recall Dr. Fisher’s local TV appearances when he was the Director of the Lincoln Park Zoo.


Dr. John Howe

As THC or marijuana is being legalized in more places,  I talk with the President of the American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. John Howe about concerns regarding our pets. For starters, he explains that marijuana effects pets differently than people.  What’s more people tend to leave products sitting out in easy reach, and pets who snatch it up naturally don’t dose appropriately; they tend to scarf it all up. And it can be even worse, because many of those products include chocolate and chocolate is toxic.

Don’t believe there can’t be a problem, Dr. Howe offers an example of a client who’s dog was in a coma for two days.

Dr. Howe cautions regarding CBD – the non-psychoactive chemicals in cannabis plants. His answer, while scientifically correct, is conservative. It’s true enough that thusfar, there is no product CBD approved product for pets by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. And those studies which Dr. Howe is calling for regarding pets are now happening, and studies for people have been out for some time with more results on the way. We agree that in a year, and for sure five years from now, we will know much more.

Dr. Howe adds that there are valid concerns regarding smoking marijuana when pets are nearby.

Coyote Wild

In Los Angeles, corridors have even been provided to assist coyotes to travel form place to place. Some in Chicago, people have panicked. I offer the truth and actually the value of having coyotes around (unless you want to see more rats).

You see a coyote, and some people call the police. You see a squirrel, and you don’t exactly call the police. Yet, squirrel bites occur FAR more often than coyotes.

I describe how hazing or simply making noise will scare coyotes away. Still, if there are coyotes around – use common sense, don’t let your cat out or a small or mid-sized dog unsupervised in your yard. If your dog is at the end of the leash or you have a child near you, if a coyote walks toward you – holler and make noise. And if your dog happens to bark, that’s actually scary to a coyote. Here are more tips on dealing with coyotes. 

Help Australia

Here’s how the American Veterinary Medical Foundation is helping Australia.

More choices to help Australia:

  • The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) notes on its site that just five percent of the koala population remains. This number will likely plummet once recovery of the bushfires is underway. The WWF is working to save Australian wildlife and restore land for future habitats. Donate here.
  • RSPCA New South Wales is also working to help animals endangered by the fires, including pets and livestock. You can donate to their bushfire appeal here.
  • Vets Beyond Borders is delivering life-saving medical care to animals affected by the Australia bushfires. You can donate here.
  • Koala Hospital, the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, which rescues koalas in regions across New South Wales.



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