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Barbara Fawver, Editor Purina Pro Plan Update Earns Winn Feline 2018 Media Award

Steve Dale presenting Barb Fawver wth the Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award


Barbara Fawver has edited the Purina ProPlan Cat Update newsletter for many years, and is the 2018 recipient of the Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award. “Barb’s been incredibly proactive about focusing content in this publication on the latest cat health news,” says Winn Feline Board Member Steve Dale, who recently surprised Fawver with the award when he visited the Purina campus in St. Louis, Missouri.

In receiving the award, Fawver said, “It is exciting to be honored by Winn Feline Foundation for doing something I absolutely love. Our publication targets breeders and owners of pedigree cats, and Purina’s partnership with Winn Feline has provided an incredible opportunity to help educate cat fanciers about important cat health research.”

“Barb has for many years consistently been a true champion of communicating news regarding feline health to cat fanciers and cat caretakers,” adds Dale. “She is incredibly adept at translating complex feline health issues into a meaningful language they can easily understand.”

The Winn Feline Foundation funds the majority of the cutting-edge research that is covered in the Purina Pro Plan Cat Update newsletter. The fall 2018 issue features an international study of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy led by Dr. Philip Fox, a veterinary cardiologist at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, and the Ricky Fund, which raises funding to support research of the common cat heart disease. Other topics covered in the publication have included: advances in stem-cell therapy to treat feline chronic gingivostomatitis; chronic pain management of feline degenerative joint disease; and a study comparing the skin microbiome of healthy cats and allergic cats. The Purina Pro Plan Cat Update also has featured research of feline infectious peritonitis; cancer including mammary cancer and oral squamous cell carcinoma; retinal disease; infertility issues; kitten mortality; feline herpesvirus-1; and the first complete reference genome assembly of the domestic cat.

Fawver coordinates the topics with Winn Feline and edits the articles that are usually assigned to other writers. Some of her writers who have previously earned the Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award include Fran Shaw and Kim Campbell Thornton. As Manager of Pet Influential Communications for Purina for 21 years, Fawver specializes in publications for cat and dog breeders and enthusiasts. The Purina Pro Plan Cat Update is part of a series that includes 15 e-newsletters targeting health and genetic topics pertinent to cats and individual dog breeds. The cat research is supported by Winn Feline Foundation, and the canine health research is largely supported by the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation.

The Winn Feline Media Appreciation Award was created to celebrate journalists who champion cat health and communicate messages regarding Winn’s participation supporting cats for 50 years.

About Winn Feline Foundation

The Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1968 by the Cat Fanciers Assoc. that supports studies of medical problems affecting all cats. Projects funded by Winn have provided information used every day in all aspects of feline medicine. For more information, visit


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