Beaver Eating Cabbage Accusations


On October 15 in a blog post I wrote, “Has the pandemic, or life in general, got you down? The solution is apparently right here in this video.  According to the Internet (as I can’t find the actual study), watching beaver chomping on cabbage can reduce stress levels by 17 percent. If you’re really stressed out, enjoy this hour and 20 minute loop of a beaver eating cabbage.”

I’m not understanding how in any way whatsoever this was a political post. Here’s the video I posted:

Demonstrating, in my view, how crazy our country has gotten I received these two messages:

“This video proves it. You are obviously a left-wing radical getting messages out by hiding behind being a ‘pet expert.”  C.J., Cyberspace

“With posts like this beaver boy – you smell of Antifa,” T.P. Cyberspace (Antifa is defined by Miriam Webster here).

I’m not going to dignify an answer to these comments, and certainly being in the public spotlight I have always received my share of odd questions, statements and even accusations. But over the past year or two it’s gotten worse. And I have colleagues that have told me the same. Is this a statement about where we are as a nation? I sure hope not.

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