Becker Family on the Pandemic and Pets


Dr. Marty Becker

Dr. Marty Becker, creator of Fear Free and Mikkel Becker, who is a dog trainer talk on Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio (2 parts) about what’s happening right now at this unique time for all of us, including our pets. Both Beckers with veterinary behaviorists Dr. Lisa Radosta and Dr. Wailani Sung co-authored From Fearful to Fear Free: A Positive Program to Free Your Dog from Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias.

With all sorts of indoor fun activities outlined in the book – certainly we’re indoors now more than ever before, so the timing is right. There’s good and bad about all this, as Becker who also authored The Healing Power of Pets says he knows that pets offer some protection against cortisol the stress hormone. “Think of it as a human life support system cleverly disguised as a four-legged child,” Becker says. Then again, dogs may be more prone to separation anxiety with all this together time.

Mikkel Becker and friends

Mikkel talks about the healing power of simply taking walks with dogs and to just be with your pets. It’s not only physical exercise that is essential, it’s enriching their indoor environments. “Too many pets are born retired,” she says and she explains what that means. She offers some broad ideas about how to carry out enriching activities, but much more can be found at

Part 2 of the Becker family: Should we bother to count how many steps our pets take, as many of us do it with activity trackers for ourselves? Dr. Becker talks about Animo, this does far more that track steps it really tracks pet behavior.

Mikkel talks about how to socialize dogs when at the same time we’re supposed to stay socially distant. She talks about puppy socialization outings, and how to do all that during a pandemic.

We also spoke about thunderstorm anxiety.

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