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Best Mosquitoes Are Dead Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes have been in the news for spreading the Zika virus – but the hit list is of mosquito spread illness is far longer and include but aren’t limited to West Nile Encephalitis, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, LaCrosse Encephalitis and chikungunya fever and Dengue fever.

Mosquitoes also spread potentially deadly heartworm to dogs (and cats and ferrets).

I talk in this segment for HouseSmarts TV with Dr. Stephanie Liff about why – for starters, protection against fleas and ticks matters. I assume most pet owners know that. Same for heartworm. I talk how we can offer dogs a double-defense against heartworm since Vectra 3D kills fleas and ticks, but also repels and kills mosquitoes. That’s good for dogs, but also good for us. Dead mosquitoes don’t bite.






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