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BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards


BlogPaws, the first and original social media network and conference designed by and for pet bloggers, awarded the 2016 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards for expertise at communicating. 

 Before you get your nose out of joint, realize that each of the 12 categories is judged by a distinguished panel of professionals.

The annual nomination process garnered close to 1,000 entries including pet blogs, social media influencers, micro-bloggers, and pet rescue groups.

Pets have taken over the Internet in, and at the BlogPaws Conference in  Chandler, AZ some pet bloggers totally had a reason to celebrate.

“These awards were created due to the respect that BlogPaws has for each blogger who creates content and puts it out there to affect change in the pet world,” said Chloe DiVita, Director of Events and Programs. “We are all trying to improve the lives of pets in the world.”

During the glitz, glam, and recognition, one very special canine received the gift of protection. K9 Ledger of the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office in Texas received a bullet and stab protective vest through a BlogPaws donation to Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.

Winners received a trophy, industry and peer recognition, and a $500 valued prize to the 501(c)3 pet rescue of their choice. Here were the envelopes please…The BlogPaws 2016 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Award

Best Cat Blog: The Conscious Cat, Ingrid King
Best Dog Blog: 2 Traveling Dogs, Rachael Johnson
Best Cause Blog: The Daily Pip, Kristin Avery
Best New Pet Blog: Bodie on the Road, Belinda Jones
Best Pet Blog Design: Montecristo Travels, Sonja Lishchynski
Best Pet Blog Photo: Communikait – Merry Christmas, Kait Hanson
Best Pet Blog Video: Real Tree House Cats of Chicago: The Interview, Ollie Davidson
Best Humor Blog: Glogirly, Debbie Glovatsky
Best Pet Microblog: Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook, Christina Lee
Best “Other” Pet Blog: Saddle Seeks Horse, Susan Friedland-Smith
Best Use of Social Media by a 501(c)3: Real Tree House Cats of Chicago: The Interview, Ollie Davidson
Best Written Pet Blog Post: The Daily Pip: The One I Couldn’t Save , Kristin Avery

Complete details and video can be found by visiting:

Ollie Davidson captures two Noses

Ollie Davidson captures two Noses

Local note for Chicagoans: One local winner, Ollie Davidson walked away with two awards for his considerable skills.  No surprise to those who know how Ollie works magic.

The influence of pet bloggers is growing, with the BlogPaws community leading the way. Sponsors of the Nose-to-Nose awards, featuring 48 finalists in 12 categories, included:

  •     Hauspanther
  •     Merrick Pet Care
  •     Only Natural Pet
  •     Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.
  •     Women in the Pet Industry
  •     Statisfy
  •     Pet360 Media Group
  •     BlogPaws

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