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A litter of puppies dumped at in a box at Chicago Animal Care and Control. Happily this doesn’t happen often…

Ethel and I met for the first time, and I didn’t need to be sold.

Knowing that at the time my wife Robin and I were seeking a dog, we received a call around the same time the pups were posted on

We were also told the pups look like Australian Shepherds (we really like the breed). True enough the did look like Aussie-mixes, perhaps, maybe.

Ethel is now a Chicago tour guide. She didn’t turn out to be an Australian Shepherd at all, but did turn out to be the most affectionate dogs we’ve ever had.

Of course, once we were there – we were hooked. Ethel seemed the most affectionate puppy in the litter. Although, I bet they all turned out to be wonderful!

Having had older dogs for many years, be careful what you ask for. Ethel never seems to tire. She is also endlessly affectionate. She doesn’t want to sit next to you, or even on you; if she could she would crawl inside of you.

Our story is one of 17 million adoption stories which began at Celebrating their 15th anniversary, the website took over the Internet today (March 15), as millions posted Facebook profiles of adopted pets. And my colleagues blogged also.

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My sister of keyboards Susan McCullough wrote in her blog about a book she contributed to, “ The Adopted Dog Bible: Your One-Stop Resource for Choosing, Training and Caring for Your Sheltered or Rescued Dog.” It may be the longest name for a book ever.

In her Red Room blog, behavior consultant, athor Amy Shojai wrote,
         “A decade ago, I visited more than forty shelters throughout the United
States, offering free behavior advice and explaining why cats do weird
things, for example. Easy training tips showed pet lovers how to train
their pets to prevent behavior ‘problems’ that often brought pets to the
shelter in the first place. I’m proud today to turn the blog over to
some of the kitties that I met over that four-year period and who as a
result finally got their ‘forever home.”

In her new blog on mixed breed dogs for, behavior consultant and author Cheryl Smith cheers (Are they mixed breeds? Are they mutts? Are they Heinz 57? Cheryl, what are they??)

I love Cheryl Smith’s work, and her new blog is on mixed breed dogs. Lots of those at, but lots of pedigreed dogs and cats too.

           “By far the majority of the dogs you’ll find on Petfinder are mixed
breeds. More than 320,000 pets are currently awaiting adoption (not all
of them dogs – they also cover cats, rabbits, livestock, birds, and
other animals).”

Andrea Dorn’s Blizzard turned out to love cats. Perhaps, he thinks he is a cat?

In her blog, writer Andrea Dorn screams conspiracy theory…all the animals apparently began Tweeting one another to come up with the idea of all appearing on the Internet.

Andrea tells the story of her dog, Blizzard, adopted from the Story County Animal Shelter in Iowa. Yes, a part of her adopted dog’s story was driving through a blizzard. But, c’mon – it’s perfect, an American Eskimo dog, named Blizzard. blogger, Dr. Debra Eldredge put it eloquently,  “For one of the largest, most respected relationship sites on the web.
This site does not tolerate one night stands – it aims for longterm,
lifetime, ‘forever” commitments.”

I received dozens of emails, and Facebook fan postings, telling me how you celebrated Petfinder’s day of taking over the Internet, from posting your adopted pets’ photos to taking an extra long walk with your best friend, to offering a special dessert of catnip ball.

Congratulations to and many more anniversaries.

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