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Cancer Detecting Dogs: Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness

Dogs detecting ovarian cancer, Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness


Steve Dale and Vallie Szymanski on WGN radio on dogs detecting ovarian cancer

Steve and Valie Szymanski

Vallie Szymanski, co-founder Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness joins me on my WGN Radio show. Listen HERE as Szymanski explains how really and truly dogs are now learning how to sniff out odors in ovarian cancer and these dogs really are cancer detecting dogs.

Pet expert Steve Dale and Vallie Szymanski on WGN radio on dogs detecting ovarian cancer

Dr. Cynthia Otto of Penn Vet Working Dog Center training cancer detecting dogs

Dr. Cynthia Otto at Penn Vet Working Dog Center is succeeding at training, so dogs detecting cancer. So far, the dogs are 99 percent accurate, more accurate than any current testing for ovarian cancers (or most cancer), and able to detect more definitively, which will make FAR earlier diagnosis possible. Ultimately, based on exactly what the dogs are identifying chemists will create a blood test.

Pet expert Steve Dale and Vallie Szymanski on WGN radio on dogs detecting ovarian cancer

Darlene Arden and Aimee

This entire program is being supported by the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Darlene Arden Veterinary Outreach Program. And we also speak with Darlene’s very good friend Sue Janson who is picking up where her late friend and my late friend left off.  Darlene was a celebrated pet journalist and certified animal behavior consultant.

The hope is that if you want to support this amazing effort you DO contribute, and now is the time to lend support to Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) Darlene Arden Veterinary Outreach Program and support cancer detecting dogs.

You can also just show up for the upcoming OCSA 5K Dog Walk – St. Charles, IL and meet both Szymanski and Jansen in person.

in collaboration with Fox Trot Organic Farm and Fox Valley Food for Health on Sunday, September 9th, at Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve, Shelter #1 37W700 Dean Street in t. Charles, IL.

Adults, $35; Students, $25; Children, $20; Scouts, $10; Dogs, $10
Includes lunch, OCSA T-shirt for the walker and teal bandana for the participating pooches because the event is very dog friendly.

Szymanski also rattles some of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer – and seeing a doctor early can be life-saving. In fact, Szymanski tells how her the co-founder of the organization cancer had ovarian cancer, and how her illness was actually detected by her dog.




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