Cat Identifies Breast Cancer

Cat identifies cancer


Talk about feline pay back. Michelle Pierson and her husband Will adopted Mia from the Willamette Oregon Humane Society in 2017. Michelle says that Mia helps her to feel better in her fight against breast cancer. That’s no surprise, per se. It was Mia, though, who the cat identified breast cancer in the first place.

Michele explains who “out of nowhere” one day back in June Mia sniffed intently at her breast.  The cat was clearly focused over and over on her right breast. It was really her cat who convinced her to visit her doctor.

Because the cancer was caught early, her prognosis is good. If it wasn’t for Mia, likely she says that the cancer wouldn’t have been discovered so early.

We know dogs can be trained to detect various cancers, including ovarian cancer. And the fact that dogs are trained in the first place follows up on anecdotal reports of family dogs discovering cancers.

What about cats? Some might not even believe a cat identified breast cancer.

While cats’ olfactory systems aren’t as keenly developed a dogs’, they certainly have a far better sense of smell than people And their ability to distinguish even subtle changes in odors is far greater than humans. Do they sometimes actually try to tell their people something is amiss? Would a cat even bother? Michelle believes the answer is “yes,” that her cat was actually trying to communicate with her. There’s no doubt that the human-animal bond has something to do with this phenomenon on both ends. Why was her cat so persistent? And the fact that Michele paid attention to what her cat was doing.

“No matter if it’s proven or not, it happened,” says husband Will. “Whether or not the cat really did see something, it caused Michelle to feel there, so in my mind, the cat saved her life.”

Michelle’s messages are “get yearly mammograms” and “adopt rescue animals.”

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