Cat Killer Suspended One Year


Kristen Lindsey, a Central Texas veterinarian who boasted online about killing a cat with an arrow will have her license suspended for a year.

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners made the decision about Lindsey’s license on Tuesday (October 18). She’ll also have to complete four years of probation as well as animal-welfare training and other education.

This is a result of Lindsey, 33, of Brenham, TX posting a picture of herself on Facebook holding an orange-and-white cat that had been shot through the head with an arrow in April, 2015.

“My first bow kill LOL,” the post read. “The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head! Vet of the year award … gladly accepted.”

Organized veterinary medicine immediately condemned Lindsey’s actions, and the subsequent celebration of what she did in social media. Lindsey was fired from her job at Washington Animal Clinic, and the Texas Board of Veterinary Examiners considered removing her veterinary license, which they ultimately did not.

Alley Cat Allies, a non-profit supporter of trap-neuter-return, and advocates for cats, strongly disapproves of the suspension and believes Lindsey’s actions deserve nothing less than the permanent revocation of her veterinary license.

“With this ruling, animal owners may soon unknowingly place their animals in the care of a veterinarian who grossly violated her oath to prevent animal suffering,” said Misty Christo, staff attorney. “That’s why a full license revocation was the only choice to protect both the veterinary profession and animal owners who may work with her in the future.”

Alley Cat Allies has been involved in the case since it began in April 2015.

After a failed attempt this spring to reach a settlement via mediation, the state veterinary board called a hearing in April to resolve the conflict. Lindsey testified that the cat she killed was feral; other witnesses said the feline was their pet, Tiger.

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