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January 14 2008

Dash: A Tribute by Liz Palika

Liz Palika was one of the first to discover the healing power of dogs, it’s what we now call animal assisted therapy. A dog trainer since 1985, there likely isn’t a dog magazine that hasn’t published her work, which has also been read in The Saturday Evening Post and Newsweek. Her books, include “All Dogs…

January 14 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary with Steve

In December of 1989; I managed to get an interview with Sir Edmund Hillary. Robin and I drove from Auckland, New Zealand to his cabin in the country. He was an imposing looking guy, but hospitable and very nice to talk with. Getting an interview with him was huge because in New Zealand, he was…

September 23 2005

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Get A Shrink

September, 2005 Click Here To Read The Story

December 18 2007

This Dog Changed A Person Changing the World

Dr. Karen Overall, puppy Toby and Flash In my opinion, veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall is the Jane Goodall of the pet world. Her influence is profound, and her passion palpable. Speaking around the world Overall has influenced countless thousands of veterinarians, veterinary nurses and technicians and dog trainers. She’s even swayed the U.S. military…

April 26 2007

My Personal Memories: Dr. James Richards

            Wow, Dr. James Richards was really reading my stuff. He phoned and asked me about exactly how many emails and reader letters I was receiving about feline vaccine-associated sarcomas. He wanted to know specifically what my readers and listeners were telling me. This was the mid-1990’s and the Internet wasn’t quite as organized as…

April 26 2007


            Dr. James Richards was 58, and seemingly in good health. But that’s not why his death seemed so shocking. He was a superhero. And superheroes, being superhuman are supposed to be impervious.             Richards, who died on April 24,  two days after a motorcycle accident about eight miles south of Marathon NY, was the…

April 4 2007

Robin Meets Wile E. Coyote in Downtown Chicago

Robin went for a lunch time stroll in downtown Chicago with a colleague when rudely walking right past them is a coyote. The canine nonchalantly walked right into a Quiznos Sandwich Shop (37 W. Adams Street) in The Loop. Apparently, the coyote ordered a subway, but was refused service. Wile E. then attempted to jump…

August 28 2006

The Truth on BSL in Chicago: A Community Memoir

This will take a few minutes to read through – but it is what really happened….I offer this BSL memoir hoping it will help another city or another group set to fight BSL. 

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