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October 17 2020

Alligator on Helium

In case you’ve already wondered what an alligator on helium sounds like – here’s your answer. And that result earned an international team of researchers an Ig Noble Prize. These prizes are for science and humanities that are intended to make you laugh – then think. What would be the point? Actually, alligators are surprisingly…

November 24 2019

Alligator Robb’s Secrets to Catching Chance the Snapper

Frank Alligator Robb is the Chicago Animal Person of the Year. Hear Alligator Robb talk about his experience,  catching Chance the Snapper, which made national news headlines, on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World Show. When volunteers from the Chicago Herpetological Society failed to catch the stray alligator swimming in the Humboldt Park Lagoon,…

June 29 2019

Emotional Support Alligator?

This story worries me, it’s just not acceptable to have an emotional support alligator. Joie Henney in the UK walks into local nursing home or assisted living facility as well as local schools in England providing emotional support with Wally, his 3 year old and over 4-foot long reptile on a leash. I have no…
Alligator is rescued from Lake Michigan

October 11 2018

Alligator Rescued from Lake Michigan

So, there you are kayaking and you see an alligator in Lake Michigan, near Waukegan. And you might think you’re hallucinating. David Castenda was fishing when he spotted the juvenile gator. If it wasn’t for Castenda calling 9-1-1 and then keeping up with the gator, he would have soon died. The poor thing had it’s…

January 16 2017

Is this Giant Alligator a Hoax?

This alligator is real, according to those who videotaped. It’s no doubt an senior citizen gator, likely headed to the movies for half price.  

January 11 2015

Cat Is a Bully

Q: Karma, our 12-year-old cat, picks on our two 15-month-old Labrador mixes. He may even jump on top of one dog and start to hiss and bite; he really carries on. Sometimes, we have to pull him away. No one’s been hurt yet, but the dogs seem terrorized. Any advice? — S.C., via cyberspace A:…

June 17 2014

Selecting a Cold-Blooded Friend, American Veterinary Medical Association

Not all pets are furry, some are scaly. Dr. Susan Horton, in this video from the American Veterinary Medical Association, talks about alternatives such as snakes, lizards and turtles as pets. (By the way, the way the alligator shown in this video is NOT a good choice as a pet, for starters it’s illegal in…

December 2 2013

Crocodilians Master Stick Trick

So, how cunning are crocodiles or alligators. According to Scientific American, they’re smarter than your average bear….Two crcoodilian species have been observed to lie partially submerged, just hanging out – with sticks protruding from their mouths. We know all great apes use tools, like chimpanzees will use sticky sticks to poke into a termite mound.…

November 4 2013

Animals Make News at Airports

Can it really rain cats and dogs, at least it apparently can rain cats or at least kittens, if you are waiting for a flight at the Miami International Airport. Three kittens recently fell from the ceiling of Terminal J in Miami International Airport. The kittens were discovered after one traveler complained of odd noises in a…

September 3 2013

Alligators Killed: Great, We Can Point and Shoot!

This 13-feet and 5.5 inches, 723.5-pound male alligator held the record for the heaviest alligator ever to be killed in Mississippi… It took Beth Trammell and her team of six people an hour and a half to bring down the 723-pound beast after it became hooked on their lines. Trammell told the media once she…

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