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April 12 2020

Therapy Animal Coalition Goes Virtual

Among those out of work are therapy animals, as it’s considered too much of a risk to for the handler to bring the animal to a nursing home, hospital or rehab center – and schools aren’t even open to visit. The Therapy Animal Coalition is a Florida-based nonprofit dedicated to connecting organizations such as Mayo Clinic,…
Worlds Largest Pet Walk

September 25 2018

World’s Largest Pet Walk: Pet Partners

Pet Partners has launched the World’s Largest Pet Walk. I talk on our national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about this event. Traci Pryor, director of strategic partnership explains what the World’s Largest Pet Walk is all about. Anyone (with a pet) can partake. Traci says that people that walk with their pets are…

June 7 2018

Heartfelt Connections Go Both Ways, Pets to People and People to Pets

“Heartfelt Connections: How Animals and People Help One Another” with Dr. Anne Beall on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE to Dr. Beall, as she discusses how animals and people help one another, beginning with a description of Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy based in Chicago, and little and big miracles she witnessed in…

May 1 2018

Pet Partners Walk with Me

Walk With Me is a new initiative from Pet Partners, where certified dogs just take a walk with patients/clients from various types of facilities. It’s a great idea, which I talk with human physician Dr. David Williams of Pet Partners about HERE on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. Pet Partners pairs animals…

March 12 2018

Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy on WGN Radio

Animals can help to heal, and Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy dogs do this on a daily basis. I begin by talking HERE on WGN Radio’s Steve Dale’s Pet World with Susan Burrows, program coordinator at Rainbow, about definitions. What’s the difference between a service dog, a comfort dog, and a dog who partakes in animal-assisted…

February 13 2018

David Frei: Dog Writers Association Hall of Fame

David Frei was inducted into the Dog Writers Association of America Hall of Fame Saturday, February 10, in New York City. That honor is entirely deserved for the best ambassador dogs have had since 1990. It was in 1990 that David stepped into the role of Westminster Dog Show announcer, which has continued for 27…

November 23 2017

Thankful for One Little Dog Who Helps So Many

Thanksgiving is supposed to remind us what we’re thankful for. And this Thanksgiving, many are thankful for a little dog named Nayla. This piece is perfectly poignant, as beautiful as any I have seen on dogs, and really on one dog, in particular, who has a calling…a calling to help senior citizens. Nayla the dog…

August 22 2016

Heartfelt Connections

Heartfelt Connections, by Anne Beall explores the human/animal bond. What animals can do for us, and what we do for them. I had the honor of authoring the book’s foreword. I point out that most people in America have a pet. We make that choice, despite the cost, the responsibility,  and sometimes inconvenience of having…

February 22 2016

Pet Partners on WGN Radio

Pet Partners Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams talks about the power of the human/animal bond on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio – give a LISTEN. Pet Partners is the leading organization in America that supports, certifies and registers people  for animal assisted activities. In all there are over 14,000 volunteers with over 1…

May 25 2015

Aubrey Fine: Hockey Expert, Pet Expert

Dr.Aubrey Fine concedes the Blackhawks look very good, as he is a hockey expert and an expert on human/animal interactions. Listen HERE for my interview with Dr. Fine from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio – we talk hockey and pets! Dr. Fine was a motivational coach at hockey camps, and authored “The Total Sports Experience for…

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