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January 17 2021

Anti Cruelty Society Celebrates Martin Luther King Day and Steve’s Ice-Cream

Elliott Serrano, the Anti-Cruelty Society’s manager of community programs, HERE on my WGN Sunday afternoon Steve Dale’s Other World Show, speaks about their Virtual Day of Service for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  He provides details about the many activities happening virtually for MLK Day, Monday, January 18. Happenings included crafting and creating your own…

January 4 2021

Punching A Dog is NOT Training, It’s Animal Abuse

Punching a dog repeatedly to establish dominance is animal abuse, period. That’s true, even if a police dog handler is training a police dog as much as it is true for anyone training a pet dog. In Vacaville, CA (midway between San Francisco and Sacramento) this police officer was caught on video “correcting” his dog.…

January 3 2021

Little House Star with a Star Cat; Eradicating Allergies to Cats; Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse On the Rise

Alison Arngrim, who way back, was Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie was voted TV’s number one B****, which is something she takes pride in. She also takes pride in her cats which she explains HERE on my WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World show. She has a black cat, named Morticia. And a celebrity…

November 12 2020

Domestic Violence: A Pandemic Within a Pandemic

There’s a lot going on now to stress many Americans, and experts suggest that as a result domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV) may be on the rise. If this is true, abuse to animals may also be on the rise. Animal abuse in a home has long been considered a predictive factor of…

October 29 2020

Animal Abuse MUST Be a Felony

Here is why animal abuse needs to be a felony, which it is incredibly not in Colorado. Luckily, a sharp lawyer figured it out. Animal abuse is a misdemeanor charge in Colorado, but since  31-year old Gregory Burrell went into the closed bedroom of his roommate (her name is not public) without permission, the attorney…

October 2 2020

French Bulldogs Confiscated at O’Hare Airport: Story Has Happy Ending

Entering the U.S. without proper paperwork from Royal Jordanian Airlines, U.S. authorities – for whatever the reason didn’t immediately turn the dogs back where they came from. Instead, 15 French Bulldogs (and a few other dogs) were hidden away – and without food and water or the opportunity to go to the bathroom outside their…

September 28 2020

French Bulldogs Return to Jordan on Hold: For Now

Here’s the latest alert from counsel for Chicago French Bulldog Rescue which was released late last night: “Out of ongoing concern by Chicago French Bulldog Rescue for the health and welfare of the 15 puppies rescued from a warehouse at O’Hare International Airport, I have informed all relevant agencies of the government and Royal Jordanian…

September 25 2020

French Bulldogs at O’Hare Airport Turns Out to be a Russian Ruse

The story of 30 dogs, mostly French Bulldogs, that landed on Royal Jordanian Airlines at O’Hare Airport in Chicago and were hidden in a warehouse without food or water for days just got crazier. It turns out that, according Mary Scheffke, founder/president Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, that these dogs were a part of a Russian…

September 24 2020

Help Save French Bulldogs Left to Die

What wrong with our once stellar Center for Disease Control and Prevention? Not paying attention or for whatever reasons, the CDC and other Federal Agencies allowed dogs to come into the country that should have been turned back. You can read the details of the story here, but then all but two dogs were hidden…

September 21 2020

Bonking Dog Trainer Jeff Gellman Turned Away

Using kindness to teach dogs wins out. By viewing his own videos it’s clear that Rhode Island-based dog trainer Jeff Gellman is abusive. Gellman was scheduled to appear at Bark Avenue Daycamp in Bartlett, IL. Oct 3-Oct.4. A core group and many other voices (thousands) participated in social media to impact change, and Bark Avenue…

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