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Point And Shoot at Cats, May Soon Be Legal in Utah

Microchips can protect lost pets, but not from a bullet. Feral animals in Utah can now be shot at, if a bill passes the state senate. Rep. Curtis Oda Rep. Curtis Oda’s bill that allows people to shoot feral cats and other animals. The bill passed through the lower chamber 44-28 Friday, February 25 without…

Michael Vick Rebuffs Adopter Of A Bad Newz Dog

By Steve Dale Mel never barks (except in his sleep), and he shakes with terror when strangers enter the house. He has good reason to be fearful. Mel’s previous owner was Michael Vick. Mel Mel’s detailed history is unknown. However, it’s clear that he was used as a kind of dog-fighting training dog. He has…

The Real Michael Vick?

So, how does Michael Vick feel about those surviving dogs from Bad Newz Kennels?  Richard Hunter, a reporter in Dallas, attended the bizarre event of the Mayor Pro Tem honoring Vick with a key to the city (without permission or consultation of the Mayor or City Council). Hunter and his wife adopted one of the…

Cockfighter Gets What He Deserves

So far, my favorite story of the year: At cockfights sharp blades (sometimes called spurs) are often attached to the legs of birds. While attending an illegal cockfight in Kern County, CA., Jose Luis Ochoa was stabbed to death by a blade attached to one of his own fighting roosters, according to An autopsy…

Can You Say Stupid: Woman Attempts to Mail a Puppy

I am sorry – but I have no other word – this is stupid. . . worse than a really bad sitcom plot. A Minneapolis postal worker was stunned when a package moved by itself and fell to the floor. Then came the sounds of heavy panting. Within minutes, she and co-workers unwrapped a tightly…

Puppy Dumped on the Street

On January 29, this Chihuahua type puppy was dumped out of this van in Colorado Springs, CO. This should never be allowed to happen, at least not legally. (Dori, thanks for the link)

Hello Sir, May I Take Your Chained Dog?

AsheyOwneHill Animal Rescue – cartoon character discuss problems with chaining dogs. (Note some explicit language) Several Facebook fans suggested I post this video.

Michael Vick Is No Hero

Some of my Facebook fans suggested I post (in full) my most recent Tribune Media Services story of January 5 about Michael Vick and my views on President Obama speaking out for Vick, and his yearning to have a family dog. So, here it is. Michael Vick is no hero I understand President Obama’s choice…

Seven People Nabbed in Dogfighting Bust

Seven people were arrested and two dogs rescued by sheriff’s police during a raid on a Maywood home, according to WMAQ-TV. On suspicion of animal cruelty and neglect, officers of the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Animal Crimes Unit (who are pretty incredible) were in the process of executing a search warrant on the home Dec.…

I'm Glad the President Spoke Out About Vick: It's Just What He Said That Bothered Me

I understand President Obama’s choice to speak out on Michael Vick. The President reportedly phoned to congratulate Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving the convicted felon a second chance.  President Obama explained that a level playing field rarely exists for prisoners who have completed their sentences. Vick’s success gives all of them hope. And…

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