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Articles: animal cruelty

HSUS Auctioned Off Vick's Press Conference Notes. Are There Two Sides to Vick's Plea to Own a Dog?

I know this happened back in 2007, but I believe it’s relevant to today given Michael Vick’s wishes to get a dog, and the position taken by the Humane Society of the United States. Michael Vick The HSUS auctioned notes from Vick’s first big press conference. This is from AP story from September 6, 2007:…

WLS Podcast: The Michaael Vick Lost Dogs

All this week, I’m highlighting my favorite 890-AM WLS Podcasts of 2010. Click here to listen to author Jim Gorant and legendary behaviorist Stephen Zawistowski of the ASPCA. So, Michael Vick’s been in the news – Vick says getting a dog would help him with his rehabilitation. What about the dogs who were at Vick’s…

HSUS Says Vick Is Almost Ready to Have a Dog

So, should Michael Vick get a get dog? Vick said in an interview he thinks getting a dog would help in his rehabilitation. Wayne Pacelle and Michael Vick Wayne Pacelle, president CEO of the Humane Society of the United States has taken Vick under the HSUS wing, traveling to communities to talk about dog fighting.…

American Humane Rescues Over 100 Horses in Arkansas

Here’s a feel good holiday story, the American Humane Association Red Star Emergency Service should get more press for what they do all the time! Hold your horses for the Red Star Emergency Services (check out the blog on this here) efforts. . .You’d have to be a horses *ss not to appreciate them. Check…

Dead Dogs Found at Lake County "Shelter"

The owner of a Deer Park animal shelter is being held in Lake County Jail after 13 dogs were found dead in her facility on Friday, December 17, according to printed reports. Diane Eldrup, 48, owner of the Muddy paws Animal shelter, which she operated out of her home,was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals…

Should I Hop on the Vick Forgiveness Wagon?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is all over himself praising Michael Vick….Maybe that can be explained….because the Philadelphia Eagles, the team Vick is quarterback for, is doing so well, and Vick is having such a terrific year (all of that means $$$$ for the NFL). Michael Vick If you’re cynical, you may suggest Goodell has good…

Michael Vick Wants a Dog, No Kidding

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told NBC and the, he wants a dog. In the interview, it’s noted how often Vick speaks to young people to warn them about dog fighting. The reporter suggested Vick was actually mandated by the court to make these community appearances, which Vick surprisingly denies. Also, community service is…

Hope for Christmas

guest columnist Jill Cahr, vice president of Trio Animal Foundation and a volunteer at Animal Welfare League’s Intake facility. Hope I met Hope today. Hope, a pointer mix, was brought into Animal Welfare League’s (AWL) Intake facility. She was shockingly emaciated with every rib prominently displayed through her skin and every single pointy vertebrae on…

Stop Hitting Your Dog

My wife Robin hollered “Stop it! Stop hitting your dog. Stop!” She even tried to get between the woman and the dog who was being hit. It all began innocently enough, on a brisk and typically windy day walking north along Lake Shore Drive in Lakeview. On this walk – one of our dog’s, Ethel…

Dogs of Many Colors: Is This Animal Abuse?

Is this really animal cruelty? What do you think? A Florida woman is fined $255 for dyeing the dog’s paws pink. You can see the TV report here. In Florida, there’s actually a state law that forbids coloring a pet’s fur. In China, where this trend began, some local municipalities are considering laws against dyeing…

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