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PAWS Act Signed into Law, Protecting Human and Animal Victims of Domestic Violence

The PAWS Act was finally signed into law, supporting victims of domestic abuse who happen to call a pet a member of their family. Up to 65 percent of domestic violence victims remain in abusive situations out of fear for their pets’ safety. The goal is to offer alternatives for people “stuck” in abusive circumstances. We…
Alligator is rescued from Lake Michigan

Alligator Rescued from Lake Michigan

So, there you are kayaking and you see an alligator in Lake Michigan, near Waukegan. And you might think you’re hallucinating. David Castenda was fishing when he spotted the juvenile gator. If it wasn’t for Castenda calling 9-1-1 and then keeping up with the gator, he would have soon died. The poor thing had it’s…
PALS Place in New York opening for all victims of domestic violence with Nat Fields of Urban Resource Institute and pet expert Steve Dale

PALS Place: A Haven For All Victims of Domestic Violence

PALS Place will save all victims of domestic violence. Nat Fields, president and CEO of the non-profit Urban Resource Institute (URI) in New York City reveals big plans to save both animal and human lives on Steve Dale’s Pet World. URI is the largest provider of domestic violence services in America, and for some time have…

Alderman Lopez Continues to Beat A Drum Against Chicago Animal Control

I hardly ever reprint blog posts, but with renewed interest due to a Chicago Sun Times story depicting part-truth, and again calling the facility “troubled,” I’ve been asked to do so. Rather than tackle the specific allegation of “cherry picking,” appearing in the story, there’s a broader issue of continued and relentless attacks on Chicago…

Purina, Pet Partners, HABRI and Urban Resources Institute Lead A Coalition to Support Co-Sheltering Pets In Domestic Violence Shelters

This is an important coalition which will save human and animal lives, to support Pet and Women Safety bill. Soon you’ll hear about what some of these partners are doing to build a shelter for victims of domestic violence from the ground up as a safe haven for all family members, including pets. A group…

A Dog Near Dies, Another Dog Dies in Hot Car

Why I want and I feel we absolutely need laws to protect dogs found in hot cars. This one example, and merely  a recent. Some of these never get reported. This one did by Kelly Bauer at the Block Club Chicago on June 29. A  Yorkshire Terrier was reportedly left inside a locked Lexus in…

14 Dogs Inside a Van Stolen

UPDATE: DOGS HAVE BEEN RECOVERED AND ARE APPARENTLY FINE   What kind of person does this? If there is a car stolen, and there happens to be a dog or two inside, that’s terrible but the thief may not have been aware until he makes his get-a-way. But when there are 14 dogs inside, it’s…

PALS Place for People and Pets, All Survivors of Domestic Violence

People and pets are better together. Pets help us to heal, and to feel better…..and that is just one reason why allowing victims of domestic violence to co-shelter with the family pet. After all, for nearly all families pets are family members. Urban Resource Institute (URI) in New York has been doing just that for some time.…

Leave Dogs in a Hot Car and You May Now Go to Jail

A Nebraska woman accused of killing two dogs by leaving them in the car on a hot day has been sentenced to prison. This is more than the typical slap on a wrist assessed by judges historically for this crime. Ashley Alberts-Roach was charged with animal cruelty, and sentenced Wednesday morning (May 30) to a…

Hot Cars Even Hotter Than Previously Expected: No Wonder Dogs Die

Nearly a dozen states allow good Samaritans to rescue animals trapped in hot cars, though some public officials wonder about the need for such a law. Arizona State University and the University of California San Diego just released a study quantifying just how long it takes for cars to reach killer temperatures in either the…

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