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Seeing Is Believing: A Puppy Mill Bust

When I write about puppy mills I do receive email from ignorant readers, listeners and viewers who tell me, ‘these places don’t exist.’ Or we can’t do anything about the mills because we don’t know what a puppy mill is. WATCH THIS PUPPY MILL BUST AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT A PUPPY MILL IS! This…

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Cari Meyers is the Founder and President of the Puppy Mill Project, and announces that September 27 is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day….Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World. Meyers explains what puppy millers really are? So, where are the dogs at pet stores really from? Cari describes what like is truly like for the…

Hoarding Cats: Tree House Recovered 61 Cats and Counting

Imagine nearly 100 cats inside a home with no air conditioning, no food, excrement everywhere and just some windows opens – luckily those open windows that provided access to the outside saved lives.  “I am not allowed to go inside the home at this point, it’s condemned,” says Tree House Humane Society TNR manager Liz…

Cats Die in Hot Car

I’ve been writing lately about dogs dying in hot cars, even demonstrating in a video how hot a car can be. Cats can suffer heat stroke too (and for that matter, people – and it does happen). A woman is facing charges of animal cruelty after 28 cats were found shut inside a small, black…

Hoarding Dogs Outside Chicago

Nearly 40 dogs were rescued from the home in Gelncoe, IL, a greatly posh suburb north of Chicago, mostly of them cocker spaniel mixes. Officials wore hazmat suits to remove the suffering dogs. Indeed, they were suffering, as five of the dogs had to be euthanized.  All the dogs were reportedly covered with their own…

Buying Pets Online or Not?

Q: There are so many rescues and they’re all online. We want to rescue a dog, but you’ve written there are hoarders and puppy mills in disguise online, and places like petfinder might include them. It’s all very confusing. Can you help?  S. P., San Diego, CA A: I get your confusion regarding buying pets…

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has Soft Heart for Pets

  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, AZ, puts animals in jail — and he’s proud of it. “I believed from the start that working with animals softens hardened criminal types,” says the man who proudly touts himself as the nation’s toughest sheriff, in a conversation at the Business of Saving Lives animal welfare conference…

Pet Store Limits Are a Start, And Clearly the Public Supports Closing of Puppy Mills

Standing up against puppy mills is exactly what Cook County has done, becoming the first county in America to do so. Also at least 50 cities have done the same, ranging from Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles to a mounting list of mid-sized and smaller towns.  And like a runaway train, more cities…

Cook County Plans to Take Up Pet Store Ban

Chicago banned the retail sale of dog, cats and rabbits at pet stores (except for non-profits, who can adopt the animals in pet stores). Cook County will now follow, at least that seems quite likely due to a proposal introduced by Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey. The proposal is similar to a ban passed in Chicago…

Ban on Selling Puppies in Pet Stores

Buying a puppy from a pet store means the dog was likely raised in a commercial facility, and most likely a puppy mill. Publicity in recent years has revealed just how awful the puppy mills are; commercial breeding facilities are better – but still ultimately they are also puppy factories. Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza…

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