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October 31 2014

Animal News That's Fit to Click with Steve Dale

Animal News that’s fit to click – this week’s installment include a rabid bat that put the bite on a a camper (don’t worry he’s ok), a cat with a mustache more impressive than Tom Selleck’s and a St. Bernard who believes his person is his pillow.

September 17 2014

Wiggling the Butt for Pet Charity

Pet charities have all sorts of cute names, just when was sure I heard it all – here’s another: Wigglebutts. On Saturday, September 20, 2014, chic pets will join 120 glammed-out pet parents to rock the red carpet for Wigglebutts in need. Wigglebutt Warriors, the fundraising arm of Fidose of Reality, is proud to host the sold-out Wigglebutts…

August 8 2014

Thunderstorm Anxiety; Fighting Cats; Pit Bulls: New Research from Veterinary Behavior Symposium

DENVER, CO. — A nutritional supplement with green tea as a primary ingredient can help dogs with thunderstorm anxiety; a new tool to inspire peace among dueling cats; and what it means to be called a pit bull when you’re a shelter dog. Investigators revealed their findings on these and other study topics during the…

July 15 2014

Gay Animals

Maybe it’s proof that you are born gay….or maybe not. For example, new research demonstrates that zebra finch raised by their fathers aren’t as likely to pair for life with female birds as they are with a dude finch. It seems, the gay blades just ‘hang’ together and don’t usually truly have a gay sexual…

June 22 2014

Anti Cruelty Society in Rachel Ray Challenge

Anti Cruelty Society is one of a select group of shelters contending in the Rachel Ray/ASPCA challenge for $100,000. And VP Operations David Dinger describes HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio how you can help. Here are some ideas…. Follow Anti Cruelty on Facebook. Send everyone you know to our page(s) of adoptables, and the…

December 28 2013

Genius of Dogs, Brian Hare

How Smart are Dogs? Co-author of “The Genius of Dogs,” Brian Hare, associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University in North Carolina and a member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience answers HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, national radio show. Hare says it’s odd that dogs were created from relatives of today’s wolves…

December 18 2013

Pet Books, Holiday Gift Giving ideas

From giant coffee table books to perfect little stocking stuffers, here are 11 choices for holiday pet book gift-giving this year: Steve Dale PetWorld, LLC; Tribune Content Agency, LLC  

September 29 2013

Singing Mice: Animal News

People defend themselves with weaponry. Scientists have discovered that at least two species of mice have a totally different strategy, they sing. Anyone with pet rats or mice know they make all sorts of vocalizations…of course, most species on the planet do. Our cats purr, and we know the chirping of birds – which we…

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