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August 1 2016

Pet Care Starts with Vet Care on WGN, Dog in Hot Car

Pet Care Starts with Vet Care is the topic with Dr. Vicky Carmella, director of Veterinary Care at Blue Buffalo pet food on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.  Listen HERE. There are at least components to preventive veterinary care. Routine physical exam may reveal a problem. Diagnostic testing, for heartworm, tick diseases and so…

July 29 2016

Who's the Real Criminal? Dog Locked In Hot Car

Astounding video! The temperature was reportedly just over 80 degrees, and the dog – according to the video was locked inside this truck (windows closed) for at least 20 minutes. Even if the truck is parked in the shade, the temperature likely reached at least 120. Dogs die when it’s that hot, particularly large dogs,…

July 6 2016

Shooting at an Armadillo, What Can Go Wrong

A Texas man shoots at an armadillo, and the bullet ricochets back and hits him in the face. Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe said the man, who was not identified, went outside his home in Marietta, southwest of Texarkana, at around 3 a.m. last Thursday morning. He spotted the armadillo on his property and opened fire,…

May 20 2016

Stop Lyme and Stop Cancer in People and Pets

Rats don’t eat dog poop in the second place, and in the first place the proposed ordinance to fine people for not picking up poop in their own yards (when the city doesn’t even enforce the long-standing ordinance about not picking up poo in public places) makes little sense. On WGN Radio, listen HERE to my…

May 7 2016

Plight of Animals in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray residents were ordered to evacuate so quickly many didn’t take their pets when the wildfires quickly hit May 3. Others were away when the evacuations occurred, and weren’t allowed to retrieve pets, or anything else for that matter. Aside from emergency crews, no one is allowed to return the city, leaving animals to…

April 12 2016

Feral Cats Are Major Killers of Rats, Not Birds

Guest blog from researcher/author Anne E. Beall, Ph.D. is CEO of Beall Research, Inc. and the author of “Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats.” Among her other books, “Strategic Market Research, 2nd Edition,” “Reading the Hidden Communications Around You” and co-author “The Operating Partner in Private Equity.” Beall is internationally respected as a…

April 6 2016

Is a Pit Bull Really a Pit Bull, Or More Like Benji

The dog you see on the street or at an animal shelter that we mostly call pit bulls are, in fact, All-American dogs. They are merely mixed-breed dogs, mutts. They’re just like Benji (who was always a mutt) but with a different look. In dogs, it’s been proven repeatedly that phenotype (the way a dog…

March 23 2016

Dog Flu Closes Chicago Shelters for Adoption

There are people who insist the dog flu is gone, that it’s all media hype. Apparently, then the Anti Cruelty is only using hype to describe how the flu has infiltrated the shelter. Chicago Animal Care and Control is dealing with the flu, and the flu has infected every single dog at the Humane Society…

Puppy Mill Awareness Day in Chicago

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day were held events all over the country, September 27. Here are some snapshots of what happened in Chicago.

More Than the Pet Show This Weekend, WGN Radio

I began doing radio in high school….and long before I was a pet guy, i was a radio guy…Worked at several Chicago area stations playing everything from Olivia Newton-John, to the Bee Gees to Bruce Springsteen to hosting general talk shows. It’s been YEARS since WGN has given me a shout out to have fun…

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