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September 12 2010

Rescued Horses Now Available for Adoption

This is happening all over America, far more than in recent memory – horses are found starving. The Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society nursed five mares and six foals back to health – and now they’re seeking homes. The horses were discovered starving to death at a deserted barn in Crete, according to published…

September 11 2010

Get Your Licks on Route 66 Pet Adoption Tour

A long, long trailer of adoptable pets is traveling across Route 66, and North Shore Animal League America and Fido Friendly magazine kicked off the 2nd annual Get Your Licks on Route 66 Adoption Tour in Chicago Heights on Friday, September 10. Here are images of the event: 

September 9 2010

WLS Steve Dale Podcast: Service Dogs; Dr. Fitzgerald from Emergency Vets; Get Your Pets on Route 66

Wow! Jennifer Arnold isn’t a well known dog trainer, behaviorist or scientist. but I was so happy to spend time with her on my WLS On Demand show. In her book,  “Through a Dog’s Eyes: Understanding Our Dogs by Understanding How They See the World,” she takes the latest science, and you can just hear…

September 8 2010

Cross County Pet Adoption Tour Starts Here

Cook County Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy, co-chair of Cook County Partners Against Animal Cruelty and long time animal welfare supporter; this the perfect public official to kick-off of 2nd Annual Get Your Licks on Route 66″ pet adoption tour on Friday, September 10, 11 a.m., at City Hall in Chicago Heights (1601 Chicago Road). Joan…

September 4 2010

Chicago Animal Care and Control, Update

Here’s an update from Ch. 9 (WGN-TV) reporter Marcella Raymond’s initial report. How can this be defended? A select few are trying very hard. I curious….why?  

September 2 2010

Employee of Animal Care and Control: We Were NEVER This Full

(Understand this is only one person’s perspective, also consider this note is consistent with the many calls I’ve received from employees and volunteers. I don’t recall ever personally meeting this employee. The author did sign but I think the request for anonymity is reasonable): I am an employee of Chicago ACC, as I am sure…

September 1 2010

Superhero, Dr. Rubin the Mythbuster!!!

Dr. Sheldon Rubin busting common myths about pets on the Channel 9, WGN TV Noon News:

August 31 2010

Chicago Animal Care and Control Exposed

WGN-TV, Channel Nine’s Marcella Raymond’s report on condtions at Chicago Animal Care and Control. I’ve been asking, ‘How is this allowed to happen?’ for some time. Outraged? Contact City Hall.  

August 31 2010

Scoop At the American Humane Association

Since a part of the American Humane Association mission is animal welfare – it’s just perfect that I have a scoop. And this is a scoop which I am incredibly proud and excited to announce. Dr. Robin Ganzert Robin Ganzert Ph.D., has been named the American Humane Association Chief Executive Officer and President, effective October…

August 29 2010

Skip Haynes, Alliota, Haynes and Jeremiah Performs Today – It's Free

“There pets I want to tell you about, they live in my home town” Skip Haynes of Alliota, Hanyes and Jeremiah wrote a song which he pefrom today at Dog Day on the Green (Montrose Harbor in Lincoln Park), specifically to promote shelter adoption in Chicago. Fund of some proceeds of the tune benefit Safe…

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