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Articles: animal shelters

July 29 2010

Pets for Pat

Likes lots in life….more complex than this video makes it out to be….but the gist is right, overall. Anyway, Illinois voters with pets (or without) should know.

July 25 2010

Shiba Inu Mistaken for a Coyote – Hard to Believe

A dog was let loose into the woods by a local animal shelter because an employee at the shelter thought the dog was a coyote. Hardly, a coyote, the dog is a Shiba Inua. Lori Goodlett told The State-Journal her pet of 11 years disappeared from her fenced back yard on July 3. It was…

July 24 2010

Dancing for Pet Adoption

Pet adoption – well, that is something to CELEBRATE! (thanks to Wendy DeCarlo for the suggestion to post this)

July 23 2010

The Apology Video: Lame Excuses for Giving Up Pets

Are these people really sorry? Here’s are excuses (and nothing more than excuses) for giving up dogs…What about cats? Actually, more people give up cats than dogs.*(Was asked to post this, and happy to do it)*  

July 16 2010

Daley Defends Animal Care and Control

Mayor – you’re kidding. Mayor Daley commented on the dogs killed in error at Animal Care and Control. If they were your dogs you sure as hell wouldn’t say, “They deal with thousands and thousands of dogs. Thousands. Thousands. Four. Let’s put everything in perspective.” I also love this DALEYISM: “Look, mistaken, it’s an accident,…

July 15 2010

CNN's Anderson Cooper Reports Pets Are Dying Due to Oil Spill

I am not surprised by Anderson Cooper 360: Reporter’s Notebook that animals are being up in large numbers because of the oil spill. Responsible for wildlife deaths, increased unemployment, economic losses in fisheries and tourism, and now breaking up families as pets are being given up – BP star doesn’t shine so bright He writes…

July 14 2010

Tough Times at Chicago Animal Care & Control

Tough times at Chicago Animal Care & Control –

July 2 2010

Animal Welfare League Needs Help!

By guest blogger Jill Cahr, Animal Welfare League volunteer, and co-author Happy Dog: Caring For Your Dog’s Body, Mind & Spirit Surprisingly, few people know about the Animal Welfare League or their critically important intake facility on Chicago’s South Side, serving the community for over 70 years. This facility, 6224 S. Wabash Avenue, operates in…

July 1 2010

OH RATS! Rats Are Everywhere!

Do you simply chalk this up to life in the big city? We were walking down the sidewalk in one direction the other night. Two thugs were headed right toward us, and looked as if they weren’t only not going to move out of the way – but also push us off the sidewalk. As…

June 29 2010

It's All About the Cat, Experts Speak Out

Celebrating Cats!! My latest WLS 890-AM On Demand show celebrates the cat – and by listening you can get a FREE copy of a cat welfare and care booklet call CATegorical Care. What’s the number one reason why cats die? No, not cancer, or kidney disease….it’s when cats begin to have accidents outside the litter…

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