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July 30 2010

Horses with a Heart on Steve Dale's Pet World, WLS

This is quite an organization – BraveHearts Therapeutic and Riding Center. Through horseback riding, lives are changed. The human and equine volunteers here serve people coping with physical, mental and emotional changes to rebuilding confidence, strength and self-esteem. And it works! Lives are changed. I want to know what’s going – how does it work…

July 29 2010

Pets for Pat

Likes lots in life….more complex than this video makes it out to be….but the gist is right, overall. Anyway, Illinois voters with pets (or without) should know.

July 18 2010

Cat meets Giant Kitchen Spider

Big time drama….the Spider and the Cat (and the people)…(and the good guy doesn’t kill the spider or even attempt to….I never kill spiders either…living in Chicago, I rarely see on larger than my head)

July 17 2010

Camp Dogwood on the Today Show

It’s where dogs can be dogs, our own Camp Dogwood (in Ingleside, IL) will be featured Sunday, July 18 on the Weekend Today Show. Watch reporter Jenna Wolfe play with dogs. Jenna, according to her bio, is multi-lingual but can she speak dog? As for Camp Dogwood – it’s an amazing experience….no matter what your…

July 15 2010

Seagull Who Thinks Like a Cat

Pooh just won’t fly the coup…. Pooh and a family cat Pooh is a seagull who arrived in the Grimwald family from from Shoreham-by-Sea as a chick by falling into the fireplace.  “We heard a rustle in the lounge when we were watching telly and we suddenly thought ‘Ooh – what’s that?” said June Grimwood.…

July 13 2010

Do Dogs Have Human Intuition?

Dogs indeed seem to have exceptional social skills which are in sync with us. I say dogs are predisposed to please us and in an effort to do so, they naturally are able to follow our non-verbal cues (some of those cues we can’t even follow in one another). Dogs are adept at responding to…

July 13 2010

Betty White Honored by Jane Goodall Institute

In 2009 Betty White was honored by the Jane Goodall Institute a lifetime dedicating and supporting animal welfare, and a PSA to support Chimpanzee protection. Here’s the introduction they did for Betty at their event.

July 10 2010

Deadly Kingdom Petcast: WLS On Demand

I had planned on speaking with Gordon Grice, the author of Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals for around 20 minutes. However, I found our conversation so interesting, I went the entire hour on Steve Dale’s Pet World 890-AM WLS On Demand Petcast. (Just click the link to listen – it’s easy) The book…

July 10 2010

Let's Lose the Rats, Steve Dale's Pet World at 890-AM WLS

It seems this is the year of the rat. one very dead rat Based on what I’ve learned, there may be more complaints about rats around Chicago (and I don’t mean the politicians) than in many years. Matt Smith, representing Chicago’s Department of Street and Sanitation offers tips of what to do to prevent rats,…

June 29 2010

The Unicorn Song

By your demand – here’s a flashback for Chicagoans….Ray Raynor featured Dr. Lester Fisher, then director of the Lincoln Park Zoo on the Ark in the Park segment. The segment began with The Unicorn Song by the Irish Rovers. More on Ark in the Park in my previous blog post. Now, soothing that craving for…

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