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June 28 2010

Ark in the Park with Ray Rayner and Dr. Lester Fisher

I love this question! The perfect way to celebrate my ChicagoNow 400th post “Like you, I too enjoyed learning about the animals when I used to watch Ray Rayner.  Would you happen to know the lyrics to that catchy little theme song that was played?”  Howard W. My earliest influences re: the animal world, Dr.…

June 24 2010

Two Animal Lovers – But Who is the Real Betty White?

I need your help here. . . Who is the real Betty White? Please comment. Please help me. Both these ladies say, “I LOVE PETS: I AM BETTY WHITE!” But how can they both be Betty? Betty White? Betty White?

June 23 2010

Edangered Species: U.S. Farmers

In a presumably well-meaning attempt to improve the quality of life for U.S. farm animals, legislative restrictions were passed in California (called the Farm Animal Cruelty Act, known as Proposition 2), and similar restrictions are now being suggested for Ohio and soon other states. This isn’t normally an area of focus for my shows, but…

June 21 2010

She Loves Animals, We Love Her – Betty White

How did this happen? For the first time ever Sandra Bullock, Elton John and Slash are lending their names to the Los Angeles Zoo Beastly Ball. How could these A-listers be swayed? Why the arm twister was  the hottest in commodity in Hollywood these days, Betty White. She’s been involved with the Los Angeles Zoo…

June 20 2010

Pets and Children: I'm Awestruck At What It CAN Be

Perhaps is the right gallery for Father’s Day. No, this adorable little girl isn’t ours – though Gabby lives in our building…the relationship she has with our animals is exactly what it should be between kids and pets. Yes, most dog bites do happen to children…but FAR less likely when there’s mutual respect and mutual…

June 8 2010

If You Eat, You Need to Listen: Endangered U.S. Farms

If some advocates get their way – U.S. farms might begin to disappear. It’s hard to believe but it’s true…This isn’t my typical purview of dogs and cats, but I am truly VERY concerned about this. I may be an urban guy, but I eat. And we saw the results during the pet food recall…

June 8 2010

Join In the Salute to Dr. Sheldon Rubin

Chicago’s doesn’t have a veterinarian named James Heriot, but we did have Dr. Sheldon Rubin for 41 years caring for and treating pets, advocating for laws beneficial to pets and appearing in the media to disseminate information. Lake Shore Animal Shelter is honoring Dr. Rubin with a Bone Vivant thank you brunch, June 13 at…

June 8 2010

Wild Clips for Dogs

In China, it’s apparently a trend to have a dog – but that’s just not enough, it’s far better if it at least appears as if you have a pet tiger,  lion, panda, or some other wild animal. I personally hope this trend doesn’t come here – What do you think?

June 6 2010

Thank Dog For Our Best Friends

I’ve long said – there is no relationship on the planet like dog/people….what one completely unrelated species will risk their own life to save the other? Of course, this goes both ways….dogs do it for us, and who (at least reading this) wouldn’t risk their life for a dog? I’ve also long suggested (at first…

June 3 2010

Ricky Gervais Speaks Out Against Bullfighting, And You Can Too

In Spain, the Catalonian Government is considering a ban on bullfighting. In my view, it’s about time. Still, I’m pleasantly surprised since bullfighting is so entrenched in the culture. Speaking for the World Society for the Protection of Animals, actor Ricky Gervais agrees and encourages all of us to make a difference. 

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