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May 21 2010

Gorilla Reunion: An Extraordinary Encounter

This isn’t a typical pet blog – but I offered several recent posts on animal emotions, relating to dogs and cats. How about a gorilla? Damian Aspinall (son of conversatonist John Aspinall, founder of Howletts  – a wild animal park in the UK) is now the president of the Aspinall Foundation. Several years ago, after…

May 20 2010

Aroma Therapy Is Enriching for Dogs and Cats of all Kinds

I am privileged to have spoken around the world on many topics relating to animal behavior. Two talks I give are all about enrichment. That’s the opportunity for animals to make independent choices to use their natural abilities. One simple example is to hang a bird feeder outside for an indoor cat to watch. Cats…

May 19 2010

National Dog Bite Prevention Week, American Humane KIDS Program

No one knows how many dog bites happen because so many bites happen within families and go unreported. Even those bites that are reported might not be ‘counted’ because medical facilities and other authorities don’t always report bites as they should. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 3.5 million children are…

May 16 2010

Otto, a Goalie Who May Fill In If Niemi Needs a Break

Here’s Otto the Goalie – with Cat-Like Reflexes 

May 14 2010

Steve Dale's Pet World Saturday on WLS, Ask the Vet: Dr. David Gonsky

Please turn, cough and ask your veterinary questions – phone in or text – Steve Dale’s Pet World, Saturday afternoon (May 15) at 2 pm CST on 890-AM WLS. The guest is Dr. David Gonsky – who just opened a new veterinary clinic – and it’s a green clinic (does that mean he’s jealous of…

May 14 2010

The Nose Knows Fear

This has actually happened to us…You’re walking down the street with your dog, and some guy walks by apparently minding his own business. Your dog then begins to uncharacteristically act out of sorts, and instantly the guy jumps out of his skin – really triggering your dog now. Clearly, your dog knew from the start…

May 9 2010

American Humane Announces Winners, Being Kind to Animals Kid Contest

When it comes to being kind to animals, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Being Kind to Animal Week ended yesterday (May 8). And so the winners were named to the long-standing American Humane Being Kind to Animals Kid Contest. In her blog post Dr. Marie McCabe, vice president of human-animal interactions at…

May 5 2010

A Call for Dog Groomers to Unite to Help Clean the Oil Spill in the Gulf

I am calling for the Chicago area dog groomers to come together – Dog Hair for the Gulf. Dog hair stuffed into used woman’s nylons helps to soak up oil. If the Chicago area dog groomers do this – I will happily support and promote this on my WLS radio show….Step up, bark up!. What…

May 4 2010

National Pet Week

How are you celebrating The American Veterinary Medical Association’s National Pet Week? National Pet Week continues from today through May 8. For us…let’s see, we’ll take Ethel to the Puptown (a DFA or dog park); we’ll take 15-year old Lucy nowhere (she prefers it that way now); we’ll take our cat Roxy for a walk…

May 2 2010

Dogs Welcome at MS Walks

Various walks benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society were held around the Chicago area on May 2. Of course, the dollars are badly needed to help medical progress – which is happening…These walks are very family friendly, dogs included. Here are canine highlights from Gallery Park in Glenview. 

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