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November 12 2016

Climate Change Primer for President Elect Trump

Nothing will matter 15o years from now if action is not taken to save our planet. Climate change is explained by ‘science guy’ Bill Nye in this National Geographic video. Climate change is most certainly not a made-up hoax created by the Chinese, as President-elect Trump has asserted.  In fact, China is one of the…

November 6 2016

When We Kill Animals, We Kill Ourselves

The world’s biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate. Population sizes of vertebrate species, as measured by the Living Planet Index (LPI), have more than halved in little more than 40 years. According to data from the World Wildlife Fund, if current trends continue, the decline in populations could reach two-thirds by 2020, not sure…

October 27 2016 Bucket List Nature Trips, It's Wild!

Ged Caddick is a real-life, modern-day explorer and naturalist, and we chat on this WGN Plus Podcast, Steve Dale’s Other World.  We discuss how you can literally go along with the ride with Terra Incognita Ecotours. And here’s where they go: from the Amazon, to the Patagonia also in South America, to East Africa (Kenya to see…

October 19 2016

Trump Kids are Killers

When I wrote about the Trump sons killing big game in Africa (and elsewhere), including endangered species – I’d like to share some of the in social media responses from that post, followed by my comments: “This is all a left wing media conspiracy to get at Trump – which you are a part of.”…

October 16 2016

Do Pets Have Emotions?

Dr. Jaak Panksepp has confirmed with science what pet owners have known for hundreds and likely thousands of years….our pets have emotions. I was honored to sit down to talk with Panksepp, who was the Key Note Speaker at the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists Veterinary Behavior Symposium, held this past year in San Antonio, TX in…

October 10 2016

Proud that Trump Children Like to Kill Wildlife?

This post is not intended to be about politics, but instead, right versus wrong. I ask, “What kind of humans do this?” Hillary Clinton, when asked during last night’s CNN town hall presidential debate about a Donald Trump attribute, mentioned Trump’s children. Well, Mrs. Clinton, I’m not so sure about that. The Donald has repeatedly…

September 29 2016

Friends of Animal Control Honors Dr. Shelly Rubin

Can you imagine doing anything for 41 years? And then retire, only to do more of it – but now as a volunteer, only payment is satisfaction. Dr. Shelly Rubin’s career spanned four decades at Blum Animal Hospital before he retired. For him, retirement means continuing to serve on the Board of Directors of the…

September 13 2016

Camels Can Hop On to the Scale But Not Cats?

If zoos can weigh animals, from tiny poison arrow frogs to tigers to Bactrian camels, and the animals willingly go onto the scale (some even seem to enjoy the experience), why can’t we get our dogs and cats to do the same at the veterinary clinic without feeling fear, anxiety and stress? Well, we can, of…

September 9 2016

Animal Poop Deck

Think scooping after your cat is a challenge, that’s a bunch of crap. Check this National Geographic video out about what poop tells veterinarians at zoos. It’s quite handy, and very interesting.

August 11 2016

Dr. Donlin Named New AVMA CEO

I’ve known Dr. Janet Donlin for nearly 20 years. Her commitment to animals, and veterinary medicine is unwavering. Following Hurricane Katrina, I held a benefit for the animal victims and to support the demolished SPCA in New Orleans; I called the benefit Mardi Growl. Donlin was one of the first to RSVP and offer personal…

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