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January 18 2021

New Bat Species in an Orange Colored Sky

Scientists working in the West African country of Guinea have discovered a new orange-furred bat species. You’d think by now we’d know all the species who we share our planet but that obviously isn’t true. There are over 1,400 species of bats worldwide, and now one more. Bats can be found on nearly every part of…

January 18 2021

Keeping Pets Safe in the Cold; Going Batty

Keeping our pets safe in cold weather on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. For example, do dogs require a winter coat? If so, what types of dogs? Does the age of the dog matter? Does breed or mix matter? I talk with Dr. Susan Ferraro, past president of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association. Listen…

August 6 2020

Bats Caused the Virus; Bats Might Cure the Virus

Many humans cringe at the very thought or sight of bats. And some of those people may even have chiroptophobia, a fear of bats. True enough some bats are blood-suckers and some have a wingspan nearly the size of an average human. It’s also true that bats likely responsible, at least in great part, for…

July 24 2020

Is This Really a Human-Sized Bat?

A giant bat the size of a human hanging out in the Philippines? Well, aside from the novel corona virus, in 2020, this year I’ve so far reported how due to the shut down wild animals have appeared in cities, like a greater one-horned rhino meandering through a town in Nepal; the plague occurring in…

October 29 2016

Can Bats Give You or Your Dog the Flu?

Who wants the flu? According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 3,000 people die of flu annually as a result of an influenza vius. Because there is no CDC for pets, there’s no way to tell for sure how many dogs die of the canine influenza virus annually, but we know some do.…

June 2 2016

Rabid Bats in the Chicago Area

Chicago’s going batty – Recently bats the Morgan Park, South Talman and Beverly neighborhoods in Chicago have tested positive for rabies In addition rabid bats were recently discovered in Arlington Heights, Blue Island and LaGrange,  which indicates rabid bats also like the ‘burbs. “Positive bat rabies will show up now because the bats are coming out…

October 31 2014

Animal News That's Fit to Click with Steve Dale

Animal News that’s fit to click – this week’s installment include a rabid bat that put the bite on a a camper (don’t worry he’s ok), a cat with a mustache more impressive than Tom Selleck’s and a St. Bernard who believes his person is his pillow.

October 15 2014

Ebola and Pets: Decisions Need to be Made

There’s an abundance of concern regarding the Ebola virus anyway, it’s scary….and now that people are thinking that dogs  may get the disease, the concern has grown, and not only among pet owners. There are several reasons for this. While it appears dogs can harbor the Ebola virus, it seems they successfully mount an immune…

October 14 2014

Ebola Virus and Pets

Ebola Virus and pets are topics on your mind, and here are only a pawful I received over the past few days for my Tribune Content Agency newspaper column. Updates regarding Ebola and animals from the American Veterinary Medical Association, click HERE.  Q: Can dogs and cats get the Ebola virus? If the answer is…

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